Sony HTST7 HD Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer and Cables Bundle

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Item Description:
Includes sound bar, 2 optical audio cables, 3 HDMI cables, 6 outlet power protector, and TV screen cleaning kit

Bundle includes:

  • HTST7 HD Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer
  • 2 6 ft Optical Toslink 5.0mm OD Audio Cables
  • 3 6 ft High Speed 3D Ready 120hz Ready 1080p HDMI Cables
  • DC-SP755 AV Home Theater 755 6 Outlet Power Protection with Coax Connections
  • Performance TV/LCD Screen Cleaning Kit

Marvel in true 7.1 surround sound from seven amplifiers and nine speakers in a single bar design that's redefining what a sound bar can be. Designed with the help of award-winning Hollywood sound engineers, this 450-watt system delivers full-range, Dolby TrueHD sound with the plug-and play simplicity of 3 HDMI inputs, plus Bluetooth audio for one-touch audio streaming from your Android or IOS mobile device. No other sound bar even comes close.

Engulf yourself in an immersive 7.1 channel sound experience

With 9-individual speaker drivers, including integrated front and center channels plus dedicated tweeters, all powered by 7-discrete digital amplifiers, the ST7 delivers a great, balanced, detailed sound. The ST7 hits the acoustic sweet spot for everyone in the audience providing for a perfect listening experience, while the surround sound works its way seamlessly around you and your home.

3 HDMI connections

Get superior high-definition picture and sound quality from up to three high-definition source devices (ex. Cable box, Blu-ray player, gaming console, etc), all of which can be conveniently plugged in ST7.

Connect & stream music from Bluetooth devices with just one-touch

The easiest and fastest way to start streaming music from your NFC enabled device to your home theater system. Near Field Communication lets you connect and wirelessly stream music from your smartphone or tablet by touching them together just once. No NFC, no problem. Thanks to Bluetooth, you can still connect and stream music from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Any time, any place

Hear your sound instead of seeing it. The wireless sub-woofer delivers incredible heart pounding bass, and, because it's wireless, it can be placed anywhere in the room. The wireless subwoofer is also front-firing, so it compliments the bar for a seamless sound, while the down-firing passive radiator subwoofer helps deliver a bold and powerful low-frequency range.

True Theater Sound

Since movies are created with detailed soundtracks, shouldn't your sound bar be able to represent them the way they were created to sound? Working with award winning sound engineers for Sony Pictures Entertainment, we were able to design the ST7 to more faithfully represent the sound characteristics you would hear in a theater. Experience movies as the directors intended them to sound with Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio code support.

You're Surrounded

Experience room filling cinematic simulated surround sound with Sony's S-Force Front Surround sound technology. The ST7 delivers a powerful surround sound effect without the need to connect multiple speakers throughout the room.

Additional Features:

Magnetic Fluid Speaker technology

In conventional speakers, dampers provide suspension and stability for voice coils, which unfortunately create unwanted noise and distortion. By eliminating speaker dampers and replacing them with magnetic fluid speaker technology, energy efficiency is dramatically improved, and mids and highs are extended in incredible detail and clarity, for a more accurate revealing sound, in addition to cranking out 1.6 times the volume of a conventional speaker.

Simplicity of operation

Whether you want to connect your set top box, Blu-ray Disc player, TV or even mobile device to this sound bar, the ST7 has you covered. What sets the ST7 sound bar apart from others in its category is the ability to be connected to your TV via HDMI and have control over the sound bar using just one remote4, your TV remote. By using your TV remote, you can activate the power and control the volume on the bar.

IR Repeater Pass-thru

While glitzy product photos often show sound bars wall-mounted, most consumers place their sound bar on a TV stand, which can be problematic blocking the TV's remote control sensor, forcing you to stand up and angle your remote to control your TV. With the Sound bar's IR Repeater (pass-thru), there's no more standing up and trying to angle your TV remote just right to control the TV if your sound bar is in the way. The IR repeater allows remote commands to pass-through the front of the sound bar to the TV behind it, eliminating this problem. Therefore you can do less standing and more enjoying!

Easy-to-use, hassle free installation

Installation and setup has never been easier. Connect the soundbar to any TV in minutes with just one cable. No receiver required. It's an instant home theater upgrade with little effort.

Wall mountable

The ST7 looks good anywhere, With the included key-hole wall mount system, ST7 can be easily mounted on any wall without the need for a separate mounting bracket or hardware. In addition, the ST7 fits naturally under an HDTV (perfect for any HDTV 46" and larger) so it can easily be placed on a TV stand, or tabletop.

Voice Button (Dialog adjustment)

You won't miss a whisper. Every movie presents its challenges when it comes to dialog reproduction on screen. From the delicate undertones in a drama, to the slapstick verbal exchanges in a comedy. Dialog and other crucial sounds should feel as if they're jumping out from the screen, yet be clear and dynamic at the same time. Dialog adjustment adjusts the equalizer level of the mid-to-high frequency range. As the range is adjusted, voices become clearer and sound volume is elevated.

Bluetooth stand-by mode

When a Bluetooth-enabled mobile device attempts to connect with the Sound bar, the Sound bar will automatically turn-on and start to stream music from your mobile device without any additional steps or having to turn on additional components.

Detachable Grill

The perforated aluminum front grill comes anodized in a wet black finish, and can also be removed exposing the speaker drivers, for a more masculine/muscular look, signifying the presence of sound as an integral part of your viewing experience.

Experience life-like stadium sound with Football mode

Experience a true-to-life stadium sound experience with Football mode so it feels like you're really watching a game at the stadium.

With Virtual Football mode, you can savor the excitement that's actually like being in a stadium and watching the game with fellow spectators. This unique, true-to-life stadium atmosphere is reproduced using acoustic data gathered from real stadium venues.

Sound Optimizer

Sound Optimizer technology is a sound compensation function that serves to maintain recognizable sound, even at low volume. Due to the characteristics of human auditory perception, high- and low-frequency sound ranges become hard to hear when the total sound volume level is lowered. However, by maintaining these frequency ranges at a higher level, sound can be easily heard and recognized.

Harmonics Equalizer

Digital music in amazing sound quality. Even if your music is on the mobile phone, play it directly via the ST7 on great loudspeakers. Now you can hear details that you may have missed in the past from your compressed MP3 music (digital music).

Subwoofer Tone

Subwoofer Tone lets the listener change the subwoofer volume in addition to the resonance of the low frequency range, to a level that's comfortable to you.

This function delivers heavy bass sound as well as ensuring listening comfort in the low-frequency range and a clear mid-range. Sony's unique proprietary Digital Motional Feedback technology detects the amplitude of subwoofer unit vibration and uses it to control high-precision digital signal processing.

HTST7 HD Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer
2 6 ft Optical Toslink 5.0mm OD Audio Cables
3 6 ft High Speed 3D Ready 120hz Ready 1080p HDMI Cables
DC-SP755 AV Home Theater 755 6 Outlet Power Protection with Coax Connections
Performance TV/LCD Screen Cleaning Kit
This Kit Includes:

Universal Screen Cleaner
Deco Gear Universal Screen Cleaner
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HTST7 HD Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer
Sony HTST7 HD Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer
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6ft Optical Toslink 5.0mm OD Audio Cable
Monoprice 6ft Optical Toslink 5.0mm OD Audio Cable
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6ft High Speed HDMI Cable - Black
General Brand 6ft High Speed HDMI Cable - Black
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SurgePro 6 NT 750 Joule 6-Outlet Surge Adapter with Night Light - 33208
Stanley SurgePro 6 NT 750 Joule 6-Outlet Surge Adapter with Night Light - 33208
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