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Pioneer SP-BS22A-LR Andrew Jones Dolby Bookshelf Speaker (x2) + SP-FS52 Tower Speakers

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Item Description:
  • Pioneer SP-BS22A-LR Andrew Jones Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)
  • Pioneer SP-FS52 Andrew Jones Tower Speakers (Pair)
  • Bundle Includes

    • Pioneer SP-BS22A-LR Andrew Jones Designed Dolby Atmos Bookshelf Speaker (Pair)
    • Andrew Jones Designed Floorstanding Loudspeaker (Pair)

    Based on the industry favorite SP-BS22-LR compact speakers, the SP-BS22A-LR Dolby Atmos-enabled compact speakers deliver amazing sound without breaking the bank.

    Dolby Atmos Done Better
    Most Dolby Atmos-compatible speakers use a single, full-range upward-firing driver to produce a ceiling-speaker effect. But Pionner knew a single driver could never deliver true high-fidelity sound. After the success achieved with concentric drivers in the Elite Home Theater System, Pioneer decided to bring the CST technology to these speakers. The SP-BS22A-LR's upward-firing driver is a concentric array with a tweeter inside a woofer. This design allows the speaker to highlight the details in action movie sequences as well as your favorite music tracks.

    Built Like High-End Speakers
    The SP-BS22A-LR incorporates a true multi-element crossover to route high frequencies to the tweeter and lower frequencies to the woofer. This circuit allows the speakers to sound equally great in stereo, 5.1 surround sound and Dolby Atmos.

    Thinking Out Of the Box
    A speaker's cabinet must be as sturdy to eliminate the occurrence of vibrations, which can change the sound of the music and movies you're playing. This is why the SP-BS22A-LR use a curved cabinet, similar to the Pioneer SP-BS22-LR and SP-FS52-LR speakers. The curves stiffen the cabinet to reduce vibration and also reduce standing sound waves inside the cabinet, resulting in high-performance and exceptional sound quality.

    Behind the Grilles
    The SP-BS22A-LR's upward firing concentric speaker comprises a 1/2-inch soft-dome tweeter mounted in the center of a 4-inch woofer. This speaker reflects sound off the ceiling to produce an immersive surround sound landscape. Because of the upward firing speaker's two-way design, it produces a more spacious and detailed sound than speakers using a single full-range driver.

    The SP-BS22A-LR compact speakers are built from Pioneer's SP-BS22-LR compact speakers. The same components were used to create the award-winning sound that consumers and enthusiasts have come to expect from Pioneer Home Theater speakers. The same structured surface 4-inch woofer for bass and midrange and a 1-inch soft-dome tweeter follow the same efficiency as the SP-BS22-LR speakers, while blending with the top firing concentric driver for an affordable step into an immersive surround sound landscape.

    Whether you're using the SP-BS22A-LR compact speaker in the front channels or as a rear surround speaker, it delivers all the audio action of Dolby Atmos at a price far more affordable than most speakers currently available.

    Product Details

    • Highly acclaimed and award winning series of speakers
    • 4" Structured Surface Woofer with oversized magnets and vented pole pieces for improved bass response
    • High Efficiency Soft Dome Tweeter for smooth high frequency reproduction even at high volume levels
    • 6 Element Complex Crossover perfectly blends audio between the woofer and tweeter for greater accuracy
    • Fully Integrated Top Firing Concentric Driver for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X speaker configurations. Dimensions(each with grill):(W X H X D inch):7-1/8" X 14-5/16" X 8-7/16"

    Technical Specifications

    • Nominal Impedance - 6 Ohms
    • Sensitivity (2.83 V) - 85 dB
    • Finish - Black Vinyl
    • Magnetically Shielded - No
    • Dimensions (Each with Grill) (W x H x D inch) - 7-1/8" x 14-5/16" x 8-7/16"
    • Weight (Each) - 11.24 lbs


    • Enclosure - Bass-reflex Compact
    • Configuration - 2-Way
    • Frequency Range - 55 Hz-20 kHz
    • Maximum Input Power - 80 W
    • Crossover Frequency - 3kHz
    • Woofer - 4"
    • Tweeter - 1"


    • Enclosure - Sealed
    • Configuration Concentric - 2-Way
    • Frequency Range - 180 Hz-20 kHz
    • Maximum Input Power - 80 W
    • Crossover Frequency - 4 kHz
    • Concentric - 4" Woofer, 1/2" Tweeter


    Even when you don't have a fortune to spend on speakers, it's easy to set your sights higher starting from the ground up.

    Introducing the new SP-FS52 Floor Standing Speakers from Pioneer.

    Designed with uncompromising attention to detail, these speakers are ideal for home theater systems, offering remarkable audio quality from CDs, videos, gaming and any other audio source. Using three 5-1/4 inch woofers with oversized magnets for powerful bass, these speakers deliver the kind of high performance and exceptional quality that makes for a stunning music and home theater experience.

    Over 7 Decades of Passion for Audio

    Pioneer has been the industry leader in audio design and engineering firsts for over 70 years. Designed by Pioneer's Chief Speaker Engineer, Andrew Jones, these speakers embody all his high-end expertise and passion for pure audio reproduction. And while audio enthusiasts gladly pay as much as $80,000 for some of Andrew's designs, you'll find these new SP-FS52 speakers considerably more affordable.

    Thinking Out Of the Box

    It's okay to stare. With true curved cabinet design, not only are the SP-FS52 Floor Standing Speakers aesthetically more pleasing, so is the entire listening experience. The high-performance and exceptional sound quality is the result of this stiffer design, which reduces standing sound waves inside the cabinet.

    As a literal example of the term "beautifully engineered", the elegant and appealing speaker grills on the SP-FS52s protect the speakers, but are also removable if you prefer to see the drivers exposed.

    The Inside Story

    Crossover: The job of the crossover in a speaker is to break the audio signal into low, high and sometimes mid-range frequencies. It's an important job, and it uses circuitry like inductors and capacitors to accomplish it. Much of the competition uses an extremely simple, low-cost crossover made up of a single capacitor and inductor. The Pioneer SP-FS52 utilizes a sophisticated 8 component high quality crossover. The reasoning is simple: we do it because it's one more way of insuring high quality sound that makes its presence known.

    Woofer: There are many challenges designing and manufacturing a woofer capable of delivering true bass performance. In the SP-FS52, we've added a structured surface to the 5-1/4 inch woofer. By doing so, not only is rigidity improved, so is bass accuracy. Engineers have also vented the pole piece, again improving bass response from the same size woofers in previous models.

    Tweeter: To widen the sweet spot of the 1-inch High Efficiency Soft Dome tweeter, we've engineered a custom wave guide. Increasing tweeter efficiency, together with newly designed crossovers, allows the SP-FS52's play louder using less power.

    A Taller Speaker

    When we were designing the SP-FS52s, we listened carefully to what users were saying they wanted. As a result, we increased the speaker height by 3 inches. The result is improved sound quality due to the speakers being closer to ear-level.

    Whatever your system, or the source of your audio, the SP-FS52 Floor Standing Speakers are ready to bring your listening experience to the next level.

    Pioneer SP-BS22A-LR Andrew Jones Designed Dolby Atmos Bookshelf Speaker (Black) (Pair) (Pair)
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    Andrew Jones Designed Floorstanding Loudspeaker (Pair)
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    This Kit Includes:

    SP-BS22A-LR Andrew Jones Designed Dolby Atmos Bookshelf Speaker (Pair)
    Pioneer SP-BS22A-LR Andrew Jones Designed Dolby Atmos Bookshelf Speaker (Pair)
    Our Price: $129.00

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    Andrew Jones Designed Floorstanding Loudspeaker (Each) - SP-FS52
    Pioneer Andrew Jones Designed Floorstanding Loudspeaker (Each) - SP-FS52
    Our Price: $129.00

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