Riedel Performance Sauvignon Blanc Wine Glasses 6884/33, Set of Four

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Item Description:
  • Perfect for all styles of Sauvignon Blanc
  • Astounding aromatics
  • Ideal for dessert wines
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Riedel 1-year manufacturer warranty

    With three generations of research,development and experience in creatingwine specific glassware Georg Riedel & Maximilian J. Riedel have created Performance; the ultimate loudspeakerfor fine wine. Lightweight, durable and dishwasher safe, Performance glasses are executed in sparkling crystal glass, and feature long fine stems and large stable bases. Performance’s unique optic impact not only adds a pleasing visual aspect tothe bowl, but also increases the innersurface area, allowing the wine to open upand to fully show every aroma and subtlenuance. The grape varietal specific shapesin Performance, when combined with theoptic impact, deliver ultimate wine enjoyment, making Performance the new essential ‘must-have’ wine glass collection for all wine-lovers.


    Product Features:

    Perfect for Sauvignon Blanc - works well with all styles of this variety, from the grassy, fruit-forward wines of the Marlborough to the oak-aged, honeyed blends from Bordeaux

    Informed Design - To celebrate the 20-year anniversary of the very first Sauvignon Blanc glass, RIEDEL released a new glass shape for this aromatic white wine. RIEDEL collaborated with various regions including Marlborough, New Zealand, to design the new product to suit the variety’s evolving New World style

    Ideal for Dessert - This glass is also recommended for dessert wines, as it brings out optimal aromatic properties while dispersing the flavors delicately and evenly

    Machine Made - Manufactured with stringent quality control processes that result in consistently strong and clear glasses, free from defects

    Dishwasher Safe - Reidel glasses are dishwasher safe, and can be polished with a clean microfiber cloth to maintain their stunning appearance


    Product Specifications:

    Volume - 15.52 oz

    Height - 9.646 inches

    Box Quantity - 2.0

    Type of Manufacturing - Machine-made

    Material - Crystal

    Warranty - 1-year Riedel Manufacturer Warranty

    2x Riedel Performance Sauvignon Blanc Wine Glasses, 2-Pack - 6884/33
    Riedel 1-year manufacturer warranty
    This Kit Includes:

    Performance Sauvignon Blanc Wine Glasses, 2-pack - 6884/33
    Riedel Performance Sauvignon Blanc Wine Glasses, 2-pack - 6884/33
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