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FiiO Flagship High-Res Lossless Music Player (X7 Mark II) w/ A3 Amplifier Bundle

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Item Description:
  • Completely Redesigned Internals and Updated Exterior
  • New AM3A amplifier module
  • Three Seperate crystal isolators
  • 64GB Built-in flash storage and two micro-SD slots
  • Copious 2GB RAM, 64GB of internal storage, and 2 micro-SD card slots
    The X7 Mark II is among the first of its kind in Chinese portable music players to adopt 2GB of Ram, allowing it to seriously multi-task and to provide a more fluid experience. The player also comes with 64GB of internal storage and 2 micro-SD card slots, each supporting up to 256GB expansion cards. This means that the X7 Mark II is able to hold up to a hopping 576GB of music, enough for over 19,000 lossless music files, 30MB in size for each. With the X7 Mark II, you truly don't have to worry about leaving any of your music collection behind, wherever you go.

    Flagship DAC brings more resolution, more dynamic range, more soundstage
    The X7 Mark II employs the 8-channel ESS ES9028PRO DAC. With an exceptional signal-to-noise(SNR) ratio of 129dB and a remarkable total harmonic distortion plus noise (THD+N) figure of -120dB, this DAC is able to provide more resolving power, better dynamics, and better soundstage for greatly improved sound quality over its predecessor. When combined with the ability to skip Android's native audio re-sampling (ASRC) along with the ESS ES9028PRO's unique THD compensation feature and special built-in filters, the X7 Mark II ensures that your music will sound sweet and musical, just like how it is supposed to.

    All new amp module, serving up both balanced and single-ended flavors
    Bundled with the X7 Mark II is the AM3A, an all-new amplifier module with both single-ended and balanced headphone outputs. The AM3A uses the widely-acclaimed AD8620 precision, wide bandwidth JFET operational amplifier as well as the tailor-made OPA926 op-amp, which was exclusively designed for the X7 Mark II to satisfy FiiO engineers' need for a high-performing part. Before settling on the AM3A's final design, over the course of a year's worth of intense internal and external testing, FiiO engineers went through three major design revisions as well as nine different PCB designs. It was only after this constant iteration that we could achieve a sound that we were truly satisfied with.

    Three crystal oscillators for the ultimate reproduction of music
    The X7 Mark II utilizes three separate crystal oscillators - one for the DSD and 44.1 kHz multiples sampling rates, and one for the 48 kHz multiples sampling rates, as well as one for the 384 kHz sampling rate. Compared to the original X7, there are not only more crystal oscillators in the X7 Mark II but they also run at a faster rate. This guarantees that under all sampling rates there is radically reduced jitter, increased clock precision and stability, and overall more correct conversion from digital signals to analog.

    Every las detail refined, all in FiiO's distinctive design language
    The X7 Mark II is of a totally new design compared to the original X7, now with design elements from its little brother the X5 3rd GE. For instance, both the side-mounted volume wheel of the X7 Mark II with its etched 45 degree lines and the red ring then encompasses the power button are both inspired by similar touches on the X5 3rd gen. By giving the new X7 such unique flourishes, we solidify the link between the X7 Mark II and the X5 3rd gen as being part of the same, distinctive family of FiiO players. These are only some of the many details that have been thoroughly refined on the X7 Mark II to make it and exceptional portable music player.

    Your eyes and fingers will thank you for in-cell touch technology
    The high-def 480*800 in-cell touchscreen of the X7 Mark II is a fantastic feast for your fingers and eyes, and also facilitates easy operation of the device.

    Precisely-sized to ensure great handling
    The weight and dimension of the X7 Mark II gave been fine-tuned and further refined compared to the original in order to ensure that its feel in the hand is even better than before. When you pick up the new player, your hands will immediately know.

    The sky's the limit with interchangeable amp modules
    The X7 Mark II continues to adopt the highly flexible and groundbreaking interchangeable amp module design introduced by its predecessor. Through the new amp modules specifically designed for the new X7 are slightly different in design, the X7 Mark II is fully compatible with the original X7's various modules. Simply bolt on the included side ought onto those amp modules and you are ready to listen!

    Sleek lines with concealed micro-SD card slots
    The concealed micro-SD card slots in the X7 Mark II are all-new, specifically designed to not only look beautiful but to also allow you to easily insert your expansion cards quickly and correctly.

    A breakthrough in internal design yet again
    In the making of the X7 Mark II, not only were better parts and hardware used, but also much thought was given to how to make a design of the internals both more reliable and less prone to EMI. As a result, seven specific areas of the PCB are specially shielded, and there is even double shielding for the main control area and op-amps due to their importance in the maintaining excellent sound quality.

    In a connected era, we expect a better wireless experience
    Using Wi-Fi on the new X7 Mark II is a much better experience than on the original model, due to sport of Wi-Fi on both the 2.3GHz and 5GHz frequency bands. This allow more stable, stronger signal reception strength and faster speeds. In addition, FiiO has paid special attention to the internal design to ensure that all of your wireless signals, whether it be Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc., will not suffer from outside electromagnetic interference. All of this means that compared to the first generation, the new X7 is much better equipped to deal with EMI.

    True wireless freedom with dual-mode Bluetooth
    The X7 Mark II is fully capable of supporting the Bluetooth 4.2 and aptX standards. Specifically, full support for Bluetooth 4.2 means the new X7 supports both the classic high-speed and BLE (Bluetooth low-energy) specifications, allowing it to pair with just about any BT device. Combine this with support for aptX and the X7 Mark II enables you to enjoy true high-resolution music with the hassles of wires.

    Yet even more flexibility with both optical and coaxial output
    On top of the coaxial output the original X7 was capable of, the new X7 can now also output optical signals, taking the X7 to new heights in its already impressive flexibility.

    Simply intuitive device lock options
    The X7 Mark II provides an intuitive interface that allows you to easily define which buttons and functions that are still active while the screen is off and locked, so you can effectively prevent accidentally blocking your device.

    More features for more control over your device
    For the convenience of many customers, the Google Play framework, services, and related apps are pre-installed onto the X7 Mark II. But for those in areas where these services are not available, these apps and services can be removed to both free up space and to have less processes running in the background during normal usage.

    Custom-made accessories that don't sacrifice function or form
    Pre-applied onto every X7 Mark II is a 7H tempered glass screen protector with a 90%+ light transmittance rate. This screen protector is hard enough to be resistant against most scratches without compromising on how easily see-through it is.

    X7 Music Player

    USB Charging Cable

    Coaxial Digital Adapter

    Screen Protector

    4 Mounting Screws

    Quick Start Guide

    FiiO Warranty Card

    Bundle Includes:

    FiiO Flagship High-Res Lossless Music Player - (X7 Mark II)

    FiiO A3 Portable Headphone Amplifier (Titanium)

    FiiO Hard carrying case for all portable FiiO players, amps, DACs - Red
    This Kit Includes:

    Flagship High-Res Lossless Music Player - (X7 Mark II)
    FiiO Flagship High-Res Lossless Music Player - (X7 Mark II)
    Our Price: $649.95

    See details
    Hard carrying case for all portable FiiO players, amps, DACs - Red - (HS7RED)
    FiiO Hard carrying case for all portable FiiO players, amps, DACs - Red - (HS7RED)
    Our Price: $9.99

    See details
    A3 Portable Headphone Amplifier (Titanium)
    FiiO A3 Portable Headphone Amplifier (Titanium)
    Our Price: $49.00

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