360 SMART NETWORK S7 Pro Robot Vacuum and Mop w/ Navigation + Extended Warranty

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Item Description:
  • Robot Vacuum with Laser Mapping Technology
  • Vacuum and Mop Simultaneously
  • Virtual Boundaries and No-Go Zones
  • 1 Year Worry-Free Warranty Service, 24-hour Tech Support
  • 360 S7 Pro - The Cleaning Experience, Reimagined.

    Product Highlights:

    Robot Vacuum with Laser Mapping Technology: Your robot will intelligently navigate and build a map of your home, allowing it to assess your interior and determine the most efficient cleaning routes.

    Vacuum and Mop Simultaneously: 360 robot vacuum and mop combo can vacuum, mop or do both at the same time to clean your room. With 3-stage water adjustments, the robot efficiently mops and vacuums all in one go.

    Virtual Boundaries and No-Go Zones: You can set up virtual line boundaries or no-go zones to keep some areas of your house do not disturbed. By setting an off-limit mop zone, it could avoid carpets when mopping and automatically double suction power while vacuuming.

    Custom Cleaning: 360 S7 Pro smart vacuum robot cleaner cleans your home in the way you wish, any time, any where. Prioritize the rooms of your home, pick a time or an area, clean it once or twice, just as you want.

    Upgraded Customer Service: 360 products come with one year worry-free warranty service, 24 hours tech support.

    Product Features:

    Whole House Coverage

    LiDAR Navigation with Mapping Technology: 360 S7 Pro laser robot vacuum cleaner and mop gives a full 360-degree view of a room so it can create a map of the room, detecting walls, doorways, furniture and other obstacles. Using its map, the 360 S7 Pro mapping robot vacuum avoids most obstacles that random robots can only detect by bump.

    Up to 10 Multi Floor Mapping Management: 360 S7 Pro vacuum robot remembers up to 10 floor plans, so whether it's cleaning upstairs or downstairs, once the map is built, you can choose the right map for it to use.

    Auto Recharge and Resume: The auto self-charging technology allows your robot to intelligently recharge for the amount of time needed to continue cleaning and get the job done. 360 S7 Pro automatic vacuum cleaner robot would go back for charge when power is less than 20 percent.

    Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo: With this 2 in 1 robot vacuum and mop, you get three modes for your cleaning plan, vacuum only, mop only or vacuum and mop simultaneously for the specific area you want to clean.

    Deep Cleaning

    Floating Brush: 360 S7 Pro hybrid robot vacuum mop with floating main brush system which can float up and down based on the floor conditions and cycling to the ground, so the dust, debris and pet hair in cracks can be well sucked out into the dust bin for in-depth cleaning.

    Your Cloth, Your Choice: The 360 S7 Pro robot mop is compatible with our reusable microfiber cloths or disposable cleaning cloths. Note: There is only One Reusable Microfiber Damp Sweeping Cloth included with your purchase. Check other accessories in 360 Smart Life Direct Store.

    Automatic Carpet Detection: When 360 S7 Pro LiDAR robot vacuum detects it's on a carpet, it'll adjust the suction of the vacuum from quiet or standard mode to powerful mode and switches back down when on hardwood automatically. Note: The robot vacuum could not work properly on dark or black carpet because of the cliff sensors.

    Real Mopping with Pressure: 360 S7 Pro vacuum mop robot advanced mopping design will make the mop close to the ground and doesn't be the same with traditional sweepers which just gently touch the ground.

    Smart Features

    Anti-Drop Sensors: 360 S7 Pro robot vacuum mop uses drop-sensing technology to avoid falling down stairs and off of ledges.

    Tangle Free Main Brush: When the 360 S7 Pro eats loose ends or loops though, it will reverse the brushes to free itself if something is caught in them.

    Multiple Wifi Support: 360 S7 Pro smart robot vacuum supports up to three different wifi, never worry about disconnecting anymore. Note: 360 robot vacuums only support 2.4G, they can't work on 5G.

    Voice Control: 360 S7 Pro robot vacuum cleaner works with Alexa and Google Assistant. You can turn it on and off or adjust the suction power by voice control. Note: Skill Name in Alexa: 360 smart cleaner. Service Name in Google Assistant: 360 IoT.

    Product Specifications:

    Vacuum or Mop: Vacuum and mop

    Navigation Technology: LiDAR navigation + SLAM

    Cleaning Route: Zigzag Route Cleaning

    Mapping Management: Laser Mapping, Up to 10 Map Saving, Management, Selective Room Cleaning, Zone Cleaning, Scheduled Cleaning.

    Virtual Boundaries: No-go zone. No-mop zone. No-go line.

    Suction Power: 4 levels Suction Power, Up to 2650Pa

    Running Time: 120 minutes on standard mode

    Auto Recharge and Resume: Yes. Auto Recharge when battery is less than 20 percent.

    Dust Bin: 580ml

    Water Tank: 170ml Air Pump Water Tank

    Batteries: 1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)

    Product Dimensions: 13.78 x 13.78 x 3.94 inches

    Item Weight: 10.58 pounds

    S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
    Water Tank
    Au Charging Dock
    Mop Cloth
    User Guide
    Dust Box
    1 Year Limited Warranty

    Bundle Includes:

    360 SMART NETWORK S7 Pro Robot Vacuum and Mop w/ LiDAR Navigation, Laser Mapping

    1 Year Extended Warranty for Products Valued up to $500
    This Kit Includes:

    S7 Pro Robot Vacuum and Mop w/ LiDAR Navigation, Laser Mapping 360RCS7USA
    360 SMART NETWORK S7 Pro Robot Vacuum and Mop w/ LiDAR Navigation, Laser Mapping 360RCS7USA
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    1 Year Extended Warranty for Products Valued up to $500
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