Sony FE 20mm F1.8 G Full Frame Ultra Wide Angle G Lens + 7 Year Protection Pack

Item # E97SNSEL20F18G (Part # E97SNSEL20F18G)
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Item Description:
  • Compact, Lightweight, Ultra-wide Full Frame Prime
  • Superb G Lens Resolution and Bokeh
  • Features 2 AA elements and 3 ED glass elements
  • 2 XD Linear Motors deliver fast, precise and quiet Auto Focusing
  • Dust and moisture resistant design

  • A compact high-resolution 20mm F1.8 prime lens for stills and movies with spectacular G Lens performance

    Adding to its extensive range of native full-frame E-mount lenses, Sony has launched a new G Lens series, the FE 20mm F1.8 G (Model name SEL20F18G). Ensuring excellent G Lens resolution and bokeh, the FE 20mm F1.8 G is a compact, lightweight, ultra-wide prime – the widest full-frame prime lens in the E-mount line-up – which gives Sony’s full-frame users more freedom to shoot stunning landscapes and starscapes as well as capturing impressive video. The smart lens design features two AA (advanced aspherical) elements, three ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass elements for the effective suppression of chromatic aberration and delivery of high corner-to-corner image quality even at the maximum aperture F1.8. It has excellent close-up performance with a minimum focus distance of 0.19 metres (max. magnification: 0.2 times) and delivers beautiful bokeh.

    The compact design and versatility of the FE 20mm F1.8 G make it the perfect all-rounder for photographers and videographers. Weighing only 0.82lb (373g), its small size and light weight make it truly mobile when used with compact E-mount bodies as part of a well-balanced system that is ideal for use on gimbals or accessory grips. In addition, the use of two XD (extreme dynamic) Linear Motors delivers fast, precise and quiet Auto Focusing for both stills and video shooting. Designed to be dust and moisture resistant and having a fluorine front element coating, the FE 20mm F1.8 G is highly reliable and easy to operate. It offers a customisable focus hold button and an aperture ring with a click on/off switch. It is also compatible with a variety of 67mm filters for extra creative control.



    A compact high-resolution 20 mm F1.8 prime lens

    Sony's latest optical technology achieves impressive corner-to-corner resolution from maximum F1.8 aperture in a large-aperture wide-angle prime lens. It is also remarkably compact. Matched with an E-mount body, this lens makes up a mobile system with outstanding AF performance, control and reliability for a wide variety of shooting needs.

    Superb corner-to-corner resolution from F1.8

    Two AA (advanced aspherical) elements in an innovative optical design minimize aberration for outstanding corner-to-corner resolution right from the lens's widest F1.8 aperture.

    Smooth, natural-looking bokeh

    In addition to precise control of spherical aberration—which has significant influence on bokeh quality—the FE 20 mm F1.8 G has a 9-blade circular aperture that contributes to smooth, creamy bokeh and natural-looking highlights that are hallmarks of the G Lens series.

    Realistically rendered point sources

    Two AA (advanced aspherical) elements and three ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass elements are employed to minimize sagittal flare so that point light sources are reproduced accurately and without color smearing.

    Superb AF speed, precision, and tracking

    Two XD (eXtreme Dynamic) Linear Motors easily keep up with Sony's high-speed camera bodies, taking full advantage of their AF speed, precision, and tracking potential. New control algorithms make it possible to drive the lens's large focus group smoothly and without delays for responsive, silent, low-vibration autofocus.

    Compact and lightweight for enhanced mobility and handling

    An advanced optical design that includes two AA elements is supported by a refined mechanical system in a G Lens that weighs just 13.2 oz (373 g). Small size and light weight enhance mobility when used with compact E-mount bodies, and make up a well-balanced system that is ideal for use on gimbals or accessory grips. The FE 20 mm F1.8 G is a versatile lens for a wide variety of still and movie shooting situations.

    Excellent close-up performance, even for selfies

    In addition to the fact that 20 mm is a great focal length for selfies, this lens has a minimum focusing distance of just 0.63 ft (0.19 m) when used in AF mode, and an even closer 0.59 ft (0.18 m) minimum focusing distance when focused manually. It is an excellent choice for gimbal/grip mounting, whether shooting selfies or other subjects.

    Nano AR Coating for crisp contrast

    Sony's original Nano AR Coating creates a precise, regular nanostructure on lens surfaces that does not interfere with light transmission, while suppressing reflections that can cause flare and ghosting. Internal reflections are reduced to an absolute minimum, achieving outstanding clarity and contrast. (1. Nano AR Coating / 2. Glass / 3. Transmitted light)

    Dust and moisture resistant

    A dust- and moisture-resistant design2 provides the reliability needed for outdoor use in challenging conditions.

    Natural, linear manual focus response

    Linear Response MF ensures that the focus ring responds directly and linearly to subtle control when focusing manually. Focus ring rotation translates directly to a corresponding change in focus, so control feels immediate and precise.

    Customizable focus hold button

    A conveniently placed focus hold button not only offers easy focus hold control, but can be assigned to a variety of other functions from a menu accessed via the camera body.

    Fluorine front-element coating

    The front lens element features a fluorine coating that repels water, oil, and other contaminants, while making it easier to wipe off any contaminants or fingerprints that do become attached to the lens surface.

    Easy manual focus/autofocus switching

    A focus mode switch that allows instant switching between auto and manual focus mode can be a great advantage when shooting subjects or situations that require fine manual focus adjustment.

    Switchable aperture ring click stops

    In addition to providing the fast response required for professional application, the aperture ring includes a switch that turns its click stops on or off: ON for tactile feedback when shooting stills, or OFF for seamless, silent control when shooting movies.

    30 mm equivalent on APS-C bodies

    This lens also balances well on smaller APS-C format bodies, providing a very useful wide-angle focal length of 30 mm (full-frame format equivalent). 30 mm is great for taking snapshots around town, shooting the scenery while hiking or mountain climbing and much more. The SEL20F18G is highly recommended for APS-C, as well as full-frame users.

    Sony's movie technology supports advanced moviemaking

    Moviemaking advantages include fast, precise AF and tracking provided by the lens's XD Linear Motors, an ultra-wide 20-mm angle of view on full frame bodies (30 mm on APS-C bodies or with Super 35 angle of view settings), a bright F1.8 maximum aperture, compact and lightweight design, excellent close-up performance and more. In addition to the lens's small size and light weight, its internal focus design makes it convenient for use on compact gimbals or grips for vlogging and other applications.

    Accepts a variety of filters

    Unlike many other ultra-wide-angle lenses, the lens accepts circular polarizing filters for landscapes, ND filters for movies, and other filter types so the user has full creative control.

    Lens Specifications:

    MOUNT: Sony E-mount

    FORMAT: 35 mm full frame




    ANGLE OF VIEW (35 MM): 94






    MINIMUM FOCUS DISTANCE: 0.63 ft (AF), 0.59 ft (MF) (0.19 m [AF], 0.18 m [MF])



    IMAGE STABILIZATION (STEADYSHOT): - (body-integrated)



    HOOD TYPE: Petal shape, bayonet type


    Sony FE 20mm F1.8 G Full Frame Large Aperture Ultra Wide Angle G Lens SEL20F18G
    Lens Hood (model): ALC-SH162
    Lens Front Cap: ALC-F67S
    Lens Rear Cap: ALC-R1EM
    Soft Case
    Sony USA Authorized Dealer Warranty

    Bundle Includes:
    Sony FE 20mm F1.8 G Full Frame Large Aperture Ultra Wide Angle G Lens SEL20F18G
    This Kit Includes:

    FE 20mm F1.8 G Full Frame Large Aperture Ultra Wide Angle G Lens SEL20F18G
    Sony FE 20mm F1.8 G Full Frame Large Aperture Ultra Wide Angle G Lens SEL20F18G
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