EcoFlow Delta 1260Wh Portable Power Station Backup with Lithium Battery - EFDELTA1300-AM

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Item Description:
  • Power 13 devices simultaneously
  • Can be fully recharged by solar panels in about 4 hours, and in less than 10 hours, via car port
  • EcoFlow patent X-Stream Technology recharges at 10 times the speed of most portable power stations in the market

    EcoFlow Delta Power Station represents the new standard of battery-powered generators. Compatible with a wide range of devices, you can stay powered for hours whenever and wherever. An excellent power source for professional applications for worksite projects involving circular saws, drills, and air compressors. Off-the-grid living and camping has just become easier with the EcoFlow Delta's capability to charge portable kitchen appliances like blenders and grills, or vital communication and navigation devices like your phone or GPS. This power station is handy for power backup for your kitchen refridgerator or CPAP devices in emergency situations or power outages.

    • Recharge 0-80 Percent Within 1 Hour - EcoFlow patent X-Stream Technology empowers EcoFlow Delta to recharge at 10 times the speed of most portable power stations in the market 
    • 6x 1800W AC Outlets & 1260Wh Capacity - The large inverter load enables EcoFlow Delta to power most home appliances and heavy-duty DIY tools under 1800W (3300W Surge, Pure Sine Wave) with 1260Wh capacity
    • Fastest Recharge By Solar and Car - EcoFlow Delta can be fully recharged by solar panels in about 4 hours, and fully charged through a 12/24V car port < 10 hours.
    • Power 13 Devices Simultaneously - EcoFlow Delta fits with every port you’ll ever need to power any devices anywhere, so you will always feel right at home.


    Home Backup

    Light (10W) - 36+ hours

    CPAP (40W) - 18-22 hours

    Fridge (150W) - 7-10 hours

    Microwave Oven (1000W) - 1-1.8 hours

    Washer (500-1000W) - 2+ hours

    Television (110W) - 9-18 hours

    Hair Dryer (1600W) - 0.6-3.3 hours

    Off-Grid Life

    Phone (3Ah) - 100+ times

    Laptop (60W) - 16+ hours

    Camera (18Wh) - 63+ times

    Drones (60Wh) - 16+ times

    Electric Vehicle (1800W) - 5-7 Km

    Blender (400W) - 2.5 hours

    Electric Fry Pan (1500W) - 0.7-1.5 hours

    Electric Grill (1650W) - 0.6-1.2 hours


    Circular Saw (1400W) - 0.7-1.4 hours

    Drain Cleaner (250W) - 4-5 hours

    Welding Machine (1800W) - 0.5-0.6 hours 

    Drills (1080W) - 1-2 hours

    Bench Grinder (1400W) - 0.7-1.4 hours

    Concrete Vibrator (840W) - 1.2-2.4 hours

    Air Compressor (975W) - 1 hour

    Hammer (1260W) - 0.8-1.6 hours

    Product Features

    Meet Standard of Any Wall Outlets

    With an enormous energy storage capacity of 1260Wh, Delta can run fridges, lights, medical devices, and other essentials with a flip of a switch. 

    Universal Solar Input

    Harness the power of the sun by recharging Delta with solar. With 4x110W solar panel input, Delta can be fully recharged within four hours under perfect sunlight. 

    No Bulky Adapter

    Traditional portable power stations require a bulky adapter to convert AC to DC on the charging cable.

    Incredible Fast Charging

    EcoFlow X-Stream technology utilizes an inbuilt AC to DC dual converter, which means the charging speed won’t be restricted by the adapter, and you don’t have to carry heavy adapters around with you. The EcoFlow smart algorithm adjusts the charging speeds automatically, providing you with the fastest and safest charge speed. Problem solved.

    Smart Solar Charging - No Hassle

    The EcoFlow MPPT smart algorithm optimizes solar inputs even during cold and cloudier days. With this unique solar charging technology, you can keep your Delta charged in any situation. It’s ready when you are.

    Safe Battery Management - No Compromise

    The EcoFlow BMS has been expertly designed to safely monitor and regulate the battery cells, providing complete protection related to voltage, current, and temperature. Our BMS system integrates an advanced algorithm that provides more control over the charging and discharging of the battery and allows the battery to communicate more efficiently with the system modules.

    Product Specifications: 

    General Info

    Net Weight - 30.9lbs (14kg)

    Dimension - 15.7 x 8.3 x 10.6 in (40 x 21 x 27 cm)                                                                                        

    Charge Temperature - 32-113°F (0-45°C)

    Discharge Temperature - -4-113°F (-20-45°C)

    Color - Gray & Black

    Warranty - 24 months


    Charge Method - AC Wall Outlet, 12V Car Adaptor, Solar Panel 

    Full Recharge Time - 1.6 Hours (AC), 10-12 Hours (12/24V Car Adaptor), 4-8 Hours (Using  4x110W Solar Panels simultaneously with full sun), 3.5-7 Hours (Using 3x160W Solar Panels simultaneously with full sun)

    Battery Info

    Capacity - 1260Wh (50.4V) 

    Cell Chemistry - Lithium-ion

    Shelf Life - 1 year (after fully charged)

    Life Span - 800 Cycles to 80%+ capacity

    Management Systems - BMS, Over Voltage Protection, Overload Protection, Over Temperature Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Low Temperature Protection, Low Voltage Protection, Overcurrent Protection

    Testing and Certification - UL CE FCC RoHS PSE

    Cell Type - 18650

    Input Ports

    AC Charge Input Power - X-STREAM Charge 1200W max

    AC Charge Input Voltage - 100-120Vac (50Hz/60Hz) (International Version 220-240Vac ONLY)                               

    Solar Charge Input - 400W 10-65V DC 10A max

    Car Charger - 12V/24V DC 10A max

    Output Ports

    AC Output (x6) - 1800W (Surge 3300W)total,120Vac (60Hz)                                                                             

    USB-A Output (x2) - 5V DC,2.4A,12W Max,per port

    USB-A Fast Charge (x2) - 5V DC, 9V DC, 12V DC, 2.4A, 28W Max, per port

    USB-C Output (x2) - 5V DC, 9V DC, 15V DC, 20V DC, 3A, 60W Max, per port

    Car Power Output (x1) - 108.8W,13.6V DC,8A max 


    EcoFlow Delta x 1
    Delta Bag x 1
    3.5m MC4 to XT60 Solar Panel Charging Cable x 1
    1.5m AC Charging Cable x1
    1.5m Car Charging Cable x 1
    User Manual
    Authorized EcoFlow Dealer 24 Month Warranty
    This Kit Includes: