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Item Description:
  • Simplify your music listening, ditch the algorithms
  • Own your media! Plays both CDs and MP3 CDs
  • Full playback, volume control, and hold switch
  • Built-in FM tuner with simplified channel seek
  • 3.5mm headphones and 2 AA batteries included
  • "Great Deal on Open Box Returns in Perfect Working Order"

    This OPEN BOX product is in perfect working condition. Our qualified technicians have inspected this unit to ensure that it meets factory specifications and it includes all factory included accessories.

    Remember owning your own music? Want to experience how a generation gone by listened to their favorite songs?

    The AIWA Portable CD/MP3 Player and Radio Tuner can bring you back to a time before the endless playlists and algorithms deciding what you want to hear. Listen to your favorite music as the artist intended from start to finish and relearn to appreciate the art of the full-length album.

    More than just a nostalgia trip, this CD player provides high-quality MP3 audio playback straight from the source, a physical compact disc! Don't deal with the hassle of tracking cellular data and finding out the wifi password - pop in your favorite disc and press play! 

    A versatile and reliable companion for music enthusiasts who appreciate the convenience of physical CDs and the freedom to listen to their favorite tracks anytime, anywhere. This sleek and compact device combines functionality, durability, and exceptional sound quality, making it the perfect choice for those who crave an immersive musical experience on the move.

    Remember anti-skip protection? This CD player has it! Don't let interruptions disrupt your musical journey. The AIWA CD Player features advanced anti-skip protection technology, ensuring uninterrupted playback even during jostling movements or rough terrain. Enjoy smooth, skip-free music, no matter where your adventures take you.

    Switch to the built-in FM Radio Tuner! Whether you're catching up with the latest news, enjoying the morning radio show, or discovering new music, this feature adds an extra dimension of versatility to your listening experience. Save up to 10 radio stations as a preset and easily flip through your selections.

    Easily navigate through tracks, pause, play, skip forward or backward, and change the volume of your favorite songs instantly. Keep your music safe and secure with the convenient hold switch. Whether you're storing the CD player in your bag, pocket, or simply want to prevent accidental button presses, the hold switch ensures that your playback settings and volume remain intact.

    Are you carrying millions of songs in your pocket and still can't figure out which ones you want to actually listen to? Maybe it's time to take a second and log off for a change - relearn to enjoy the art of full album listening. Dive back into the world of physical media and directly support your favorite artists!


    Product Features

    CD/MP3 player: This portable CD player can play both CDs and MP3 CDs, so you can enjoy all of your favorite music.

    FM tuner: The built-in FM tuner lets you listen to your favorite radio stations. Save up to 10 radio presets!

    Anti-skip protection: The anti-skip protection prevents your CDs from skipping when you're moving around.

    3.5mm headphone jack: The 3.5mm headphone jack lets you listen to your music privately.

    Hold switch: The hold switch prevents accidental changes to the settings.

    Playback controls: The playback controls let you play, pause, rewind, and fast-forward your music.

    Volume control: Volume control lets you adjust the volume of your music.

    Uses 2 AA batteries: This portable CD player uses 2 AA batteries, so you can take it with you wherever you go. You can also power your player with a (not included) micro USB cable.



    Dimensions: 1 x 5.5 in

    Anti Shock Protection: 60 seconds

    FM Radio Frequency: 87.5 - 108 MHz

    Media: CD and MP3 CD

    Input: 3.5mm jack

    Power Source: 2 AA Batteries (included) or Micro USB (not included)

    This Kit Includes:

    Personal Portable CD/MP3 Player with FM Tuner, 3.5mm Earbuds, 2 AA Batteries
    Aiwa Personal Portable CD/MP3 Player with FM Tuner, 3.5mm Earbuds, 2 AA Batteries
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