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Item Description:
  • Mixes, kneads, and extrudes in 15 minutes
  • 13 types of pasta using removable discs
  • Space-saving for small kitchens or countertop storage
  • Easily cleaned and maintained, dishwasher safe
  • Measuring cups included | Built-in storage drawer
  • "Great Deal on Open Box Returns in Perfect Working Order"

    This OPEN BOX product is in perfect working condition. Our qualified technicians have inspected this unit to ensure that it meets factory specifications and it includes all factory included accessories.

    Homemade pasta can be yours with the Deco Chef Automatic Pasta Maker – mix, knead, and extrude up to 1 pound of pasta in just 15 minutes.

    If you’re tired of store-bought pasta, there’s nothing like having freshly made noodles. With our electric pasta maker, you don’t need to be a 5-star chef – simply use the included measuring cups to add the correct amounts, and let the pasta maker go to work.

    This pasta maker will mix, knead, and extrude noodles of your choice automatically. Choose from 13 different pasta types using interchangeable extrusion discs and are dishwasher safe. From spaghetti to dumplings, you’ll have something different for every pasta night.

    The simple control interface is perfect for any cooking skill level. Fresh noodles can be immediately cooked or stored – add to boiling water or store in a freezer for up to 6 months.

    Its compact size means it’s easy to store on your countertop or in your closet. A built-in storage drawer keeps the noodle extrusion discs safe and organized when not in use.


    Is a pasta maker worth it?

    Freshly made pasta is an obvious step up from the store-bought version, but the problem is not everyone is a professional chef capable of the feat. For those of us that aren’t as culinary-inclined, an electric pasta maker levels the playing field by fully automating the process. As long as you add the correct specified amounts of ingredients, automatic pasta makers will deliver consistent and delicious results in minutes.


    Product Highlights


    You don’t need to be a pro chef – our automatic pasta maker creates up to 1 pound of fresh pasta, FAST.


    Simply add the specified ingredients and pick the pasta type – this machine will handle the rest from mixing to kneading, and extrusion.


    Large Fettuccini, Medium Fettuccini, Small Fettuccini, Thick Spaghetti, Thin Spaghetti, Ultra-Thin Spaghetti, Udon, Macaroni, Triangular, Open Macaroni, Sliced Noodle, Ultra Thick Spaghetti, Dumpling Wrapper


    No confusing programs here – simply press buttons and let the pasta maker do all of the work


    Spend more time enjoying your creations and less cleaning up – detachable parts are dishwasher safe.


    Product Specifications

    Power: 260W | 110V-220V

    Frequency: 50/60 Hz

    Capacity: 1.1 lb (500g) Dry Flour

    Sound Level: 50 Db

    Product Weight: 9.9 lb

    Product Dimensions: 13.2 x 11 x 13 in

    Materials: Food grade plastic parts


    Instruction Manual

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    This Kit Includes:

    Automatic Pasta Maker, 13 Pasta Types, Ready in 15 Minutes, Dishwasher Safe
    Deco Chef Automatic Pasta Maker, 13 Pasta Types, Ready in 15 Minutes, Dishwasher Safe
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