Hisense F100W 100" ALR Display Screen, 4K Ultra HD Ready, Ultra Viewing Angle

Item # HISF100W (Part # F100W)
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Item Description:
  • 4K Ultra HD Ready
  • Ultra Viewing Angle
  • Ambient Light Rejecting Screen
  • Compatible with Standard and Ultra Throw Projection
  • The Hisense F100W100" ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting) Display Screen, a game-changer for your viewing experience! Specially designed to maximize visual clarity, this 4K Ultra HD Ready screen is perfect for both short and ultra-short throw projectors, providing unparalleled flexibility in any setting.

    But what sets it apart? Traditional projector screens often wash out under ambient light, but not this one. ALR technology significantly reduces glare and reflections, enabling richer blacks and more vibrant colors, so you can enjoy cinematic quality even in brightly-lit rooms.

    To top it off, the screen boasts an Ultra Viewing Angle feature, allowing for a wide seating arrangement without compromising picture quality. Don't settle for less; elevate your viewing experience with the cutting-edge F100W 100" ALR Display Screen.

    Product Highlights:

    • 4K Ultra HD Ready
    • Ultra Viewing Angle
    • Ambient Light Rejecting Screen
    • Compatible with Standard and Ultra Throw Projection

    4K Ultra HD Ready

    High-definition content is the standard these days, and what better way to experience it than on a 4K Ultra HD Ready screen? This means the screen is specifically engineered to render crisp, lifelike images that make the most out of your 4K content. The fine texture and detailing will stand out, providing a cinematic experience that’s leaps and bounds ahead of standard-definition displays. Whether you're watching a movie, gaming, or presenting a business proposal, the enhanced clarity and depth of field make for a truly immersive experience.

    Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR)

    One of the biggest challenges with projectors is that they often require a darkened room for optimal viewing, which isn't always practical. Ambient Light Rejecting technology solves this problem. The ALR screen is designed to absorb, block, or otherwise neutralize ambient light, significantly reducing glare and reflections. The result is vibrant colors and deep blacks, even in a room with substantial ambient light. This feature allows you to maintain image quality in a range of lighting conditions, making the screen versatile for various uses and settings.

    Compatible with Short and Ultra Short Throw Projection

    Traditional projectors require a long distance between the screen and the projector, limiting where they can be used effectively. The F100W screen’s compatibility with short and ultra-short throw projection gives you unparalleled flexibility in room setup. This means you can place your projector as close as a few inches away from the screen and still get a clear, focused image. This is perfect for small rooms, home theaters, or business presentations where space is at a premium.

    Ultra Viewing Angle

    Traditional screens often have limited viewing angles, meaning that the picture quality deteriorates when viewed from the sides. The Ultra Viewing Angle feature ensures that the image retains its quality no matter where you are seated in relation to the screen. This is particularly beneficial for large gatherings, conference presentations, or family movie nights where everyone may not be seated dead-center. The broader viewing angle ensures that everyone gets a 'best seat in the house' experience.

    Hisense F100W 100" ALR Display Screen
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