IBOARDTOUCH Quad Core ProPack 3 - PROP-003V+

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Item Description:

All-in-one solution

The iBoard PROP-003V+ is an iBoardTouch Quad Core ProPack-3 (1080p - FHD) used for V+ Series only. iBoard's ProPack consists of accessories such as integrated PC module; wall mount; 2 draft pens; wireless keyboard and mouse; webcam with integrated microphone and Wi-Fi antenna. ProPack also comes with powerful software such as Windows operating system; IWB Pro; DigiClass; DigiVote and VCC software.

Integrated PC module

No need to make space for a separate PC or laptop. The V Series with ProPack only needs one power socket to run and is a space saving all-in-solution. The PC module slots into the side of the V Series and can be upgraded and maintained just like a PC. No time wasted booting up separate systems; just turn on the screen and you are ready to work; move smoothly and easily between Android and Windows.

Lower Power Consumption

Running a V Series with integrated PC uses less energy than a separate laptop/PC combination. Without the tangle of equipment and wires the V Series becomes more flexible; pair your V Series with a mobile floor stand and you can create a pop-up classroom or collaboration space anywhere.

4K UHD Option

Users who opt for a 4k UHD screen can opt to upgrade to a ProPack UHD which includes a quad core PC that is capable of handling 4K content.


Use your V Series for video conferencing sessions and as a visualizer (using the visualizer mini app). With a built-in microphone; you can use it in combination with the IWB Pro screen recorder mini app to create video resources with your own voice overs.

Bring super power to your V Series with an integrated Windows PC; additional accessories and software all at a money saving price.

Wall Mount

This robust wall mount allows you to install the V series on the wall.

Draft Pens

iBoard included 2 spare magnetized draft pens for users who prefer a conventional pen object for writing. Stick them to the side of the V Series ready for when you need them.

Keyboard and Mouse

Wireless; solid and stylish; iBoard included a full-sized set (with a spill resistant design) for the times when you need a tactile keyboard and mouse. More ways the V Series works as a complete solution.

Wi-Fi Antenna

The PC module comes with Intel-3160 2.40GHZ/ 5.0GHZ Wi-Fi and Bluetooth; to make the most of this we've added two Wi-Fi-antennas to further help eliminate signal fading and dead spots.

Windows Operating System

Making it easier to get your Windows software working; install the operating system onto your PC module and you're ready.


IWB license for installation on the PC module. Your V Series already comes with 2 IWB Pro licenses that you can use on your own PC/laptops. Great for preparing material to deliver on the V Series without being tied to the room.


5 additional user licenses are included. Your V Series already comes with 5 user licenses giving you a total of 10 licenses for collaborative group work and screen mirroring.


5 additional user licenses are included. Your V Series already comes with 5 user licenses giving you a total of 10 licenses for collaborative group work and screen mirroring.


Includes 1 host and 3 participant access accounts (1-year subscription). Decide when you want to hold your session; VCC emails your participants the details of the session and a link. All participants do to join is click the link.


  • Used for: iBoard V-Series
  • Resolution: 1080P - FHD
  • Accessories included:
    • i5 Windows PC Module
    • Wireless Keyboard & Mouse
    • Webcam with integrated microphone
    • 2 x Draft Pens
    • Wall Mount
  • Software included
    • Windows Operating System
    • IWB Pro: 1 x additional licence
    • DigiClass: 5 x additional user licences
    • DigiVote voting plugin for DigiClass
    • VCC: Video Conferencing and Collaboration: 1 host and 3 participant access
  • Warranty: 3-year
This Kit Includes: