JBL C60 Pendant Subwoofer with Passive Crossover, Black (Pair) - C60PS/T

Item # JBLC60PST (Part # C60PS/T)
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Item Description:
  • High impact, 150-Watt direct radiating pendant subwoofer
  • 8-Inch (200 mm) long-excursion driver
  • 8 ohm (150-Watt) and 70V/100V (100-Watt) operation
  • Hanging hardware with 15-Foot (4.5 m) galvanized steel cable and easy to adjust clamp
  • Pendant Subwoofer with Crossover

    The Control 60PS/T pendant subwoofer loudspeaker provides bass extension and high impact for high-fidelity sound systems in a wide variety of applications including restaurants, retail stores, music cafes, health clubs, theme bars, leisure venues, and other locations where full-range high fidelity foreground/background music systems are utilized. Featuring 150 Watt power handling and low distortion, the long-excursion 200 mm (8 in) low frequency driver features butyl rubber surround for well-damped, tight sound quality and long-term reliability, and a polypropylene-coated cone for humidity protection. The high-temperature 50 mm (2 in) voice coil and low-mass fiberglass coil former ensure good bass transient response and excellent stability under high power, high dutycycle, working conditions.

    Product Highlights:

    High impact, 150-Watt direct radiating pendant subwoofer

    8-Inch (200 mm) long-excursion driver

    8 ohm (150-Watt) and 70V/100V (100-Watt) operation

    Hanging hardware with 15-Foot (4.5 m) galvanized steel cable and easy to adjust clamp

    Product Features:

    Perfectly Compatible

    The Control 60PS/T may be driven by itself (or with other subwoofers) on an amplifier channel, sending it either a signal that has been actively low-passed earlier in the signal chain via DSP or a full-range signal, utilizing the built-in passive 125 Hz low-pass filter. The included passive crossover also provides highpassed satellite outputs for use with either two or four satellite loudspeakers (not for one or three satellite speakers), resulting in a fullrange, wide-bandwidth, passively-crossed, mono subwoofer-satellite system. Using the built-in passive crossover is best suited for satellite speakers with sensitivities in the 82 dB to 86 dB (2.83V @ 1m) range, resulting in a well-balanced overall frequency response.

    Easy Installation

    A 100 Watt multi-tap, wide-bandwidth, lowsaturation transformer allows the speaker to be used on either a 70V/100V distributed speaker system or as a direct low-impedance 8 speaker. If satellite speakers are used on the 70V/100V settings, the satellite speakers should be low-impedance (8 to 16 each).

    Built To Last

    A loop out connector is provided on the subwoofer for looping the full-range input signal to other loudspeakers or to other subwoofer/satellite systems. Rubber boot covers for each locking connector protect the terminals and the optional MTC-PC60 full-top cover accessory adds additional terminal protection for when using outdoors.

    Product Specifications:


    Frequency Range (-10 dB) - 42 Hz – 350 Hz

    Frequency Response (± 3 dB) - 55 Hz – 125 Hz

    Power Capacity - 300 Watts Continuous Program Power, 100 hrs

    150 Watts Continuous Pink Noise, 100 hrs

    Nominal Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) - 88 dB

    Rated Maximum SPL - 107 dB @ 1 m (3.3 ft) average, 113 dB peak

    Rated Impedance - 8 ohms

    Transformer Taps - 110W, 55W, 30W (& 15W@70V). Set via rotary tap-selector switch (70V/100V taps along with direct 8 setting) on top terminal panel

    Transformer Insertion Loss - 0.98 dB @ 15W, 0.99 dB @ 30W, 0.94 dB @ 55W, 1.10 @ 110W

    Standalone Hookup - Connect to Input connector; built-in low-pass filter permanently engaged; Loop Out in parallel with Input connector (pre low-pass filter) for sending to additional speakers.

    Subwoofer-Satellite Hookup - For either two or four satellite speakers (not for one or three satellite speakers). With two satellite speakers, must connect to Sat 1 and Sat 2 terminals only (NC to Sat 3 and Sat 4 terminals). Satellite outputs highpassed. Suggested satellite speakers include Control 62P (pendant), Control 52 (surface-mount on-wall) and Control 42C (in-ceiling). Satellite speakers to be low-Z type (8 to 16) regardless whether tap selector is set to low-Z or 70V/100V. Loop Out in parallel with Input connector (pre low-pass filter) for sending to additional speakers.

    Transducer - 200mm (8 in) polypropylene-coated paper cone with butyl rubber surround, 50 mm (2 in) high-temperature copper voice coil, vented fiberglass resin voice coil former.


    Enclosure Material - High impact polystyrene

    Grille - Zinc-plated steel grille with powder-coat finish, foam backing (grille and grille backing are removable for painting)

    Environmental - Exceeds Mil Spec 810 for humidity, salt spray, temperature & UV. IP44 capability per IEC 529 – splash-proof rating

    Termination - Six removable locking 2-pin connectors with screw-down terminals; Input, Loop Out, Sat 1, Sat 2, Sat 3, Sat 4. Max wire 12 AWG (2.5 mm). Rubber terminal covers included.

    Suspension - Two identical suspension cable systems (one as main suspension cable and the other as safety cable), each consisting of 4.5 m (15 ft) long, 2mm (0.077 in) high-tensile galvanized-steel wire rope suspension cable with spring-clips for clipping onto the loudspeaker bracket and Gripple™ brand adjustable-height cable fasteners for infinitely adjustable height. Cable has SWL rating of 45 kg (99 lb).

    Safety Agency - Speaker listed per UL1480 (UEAY), transformer registered per UL1876. In accordance with IEC60849/EN60849. Suspension system and Gripple®-brand cable fastener listed per UL1598 and UL2239, TUV, and CSA Class 3426-01 & Class 3426-81.

    Dimensions - 333 mm (13.1 in) diameter, 344 mm (13.6 in) height to top of cabinet. 369 mm (14.5 in) to top of suspension bracket.

    Net Weight - 7.6 kg (16.7 lb)

    Shipping Weight - 17.6 kg (38.7 lbs) per pair-packed carton

    Included Accessories - Two suspension cable systems (see “suspension”, above), six removable locking 2-pin euro-block connectors, six rubber cover boots for euroblock connectors.

    Optional Accessories - MTC-PC60 full top panel / terminal cover. Wire access holes in plastic cover to be drilled by installer to suit the number and dimensions of wire.

    Color - Black; Paintable

    JBL C60 Pendant Subwoofer (x2)
    Two suspension cable systems
    Six removable locking 2-pin euro-block connectors
    Six rubber cover boots for euroblock connectors
    Authorized JBL Dealer Limited Warranty
    This Kit Includes: