JBL Low-Profile Lay-In 2'x2' Ceiling Tile Loudspeaker + 8" Driver, White (LCT 81C/T)

Item # JBLLCT81CT (Part # LCT 81C/T)
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Item Description:
  • High efficiency 200 mm (8") dual-cone driver
  • Easy installation into 2' x 2' US-style suspended grid ceilings. No cutting of ceiling tiles is necessary
  • Perforated metal grille included
  • Combined 70V/100V and low impedance direct operation
  • LCT 81C/T is a full-range ceiling speaker designed to lay into a 2 ft x 2 ft US-style suspended grid ceiling, with no cutting of ceiling tiles required, making for an easy and cost-effective installation with a minimum of mess. The low profile depth of only 100 mm (4 in) allows the speaker to fit in locations where deeper loudspeakers do not.

    Product Highlights:

    High efficiency 200 mm (8 in) dual-cone driver.

    Easy lay-in installation into 2' x 2' US-style suspended grid ceilings. No cutting of ceiling tiles is necessary.

    Perforated metal grille included.

    Combined 70V/100V and low impedance direct operation.

    20 Watts at 8Ω (low-impedance) direct setting.

    10 Watt multi-tap at 70V/100V with taps at 10W, 5W, 2.5W (and 1.3W for 70V only)

    Very low-profile at just 103 mm (4.1 in) deep, to fit into ceilings that are shallow or that contain obstructions.

    Easy bare-wire connection in protected compartment. Wire entrance from either top or side via knock-out.

    Very high 96 dB sensitivity turns power from small amplifiers into maximum sound level for listeners.

    Designed for high speech intelligibility.

    100° coverage pattern (conical).

    UL1480A and UL2043 certifications for use in ceiling plenum spaces.

    Product Features:

    Diverse Application

    This loudspeaker is designed to provide excellent performance for paging and light-to-medium music in a wide variety of applications, including education classrooms, business music systems, retail stores, music/paging systems, airports, reception/waiting rooms, lounges, courtrooms, meeting rooms, and more.

    High Sensativity

    LCT 81C/T contains a 200 mm (8 in) dual-cone driver with a very high 96 dB sensitivity. The driver features a 25 mm (1 in) diameter voice coil with a Kapton coil-former and high-temperature wire for better power dissipation and long-term reliability.

    Versatile Installation Methods

    The speaker's built-in 10 Watt transformer provides versatility by allowing use on 100V or 70V distributed loudspeaker lines, as well as at 8 ohms (low impedance) for driving directly from a lowimpedance power amplifier. Adjusting is convenient via a rotary switch on the side of the rear enclosure. 

    Secure Mounting

    Two safety seismic attachment tabs are provided for securing to ceiling deck, plus 4 holes are provided -- one in each corner. The color of the perforated grille is white.

    Product Specifications:


    Frequency Range (-10 dB) - 100 Hz – 16 kHz

    Power Capacity (at low-Z) - 40 Watts Continuous Program Power

    20 Watts Continuous Pink Noise

    Nominal Sensitivity - 96 dB

    Nominal Coverage Angle - 100° conical coverage (ave. 1 kHz - 4 kHz)

    Rated Maximum SPL - 108 dB @ 1 m (3.3 ft) average, 114 dB peak (at 8Ω setting)

    Nominal Impedance - 8 ohms (in Direct/Thru 8Ω setting)

    Transformer Taps - 10 W, 5 W, 2.5 W @ 70V or 100V (plus 1.3 W @ 70V only)


    Full-Range Driver - High-efficiency 200 mm (8 inch) dual-cone driver with 25 mm (1 in) diameter voice coil, Kapton coil former, and high-temperature voice coil wire.


    Input Connection - Bare wire inside protected in touch-proof wiring compartment.

    Materials - Steel rear enclosure, front baffle, and perforated grille

    Grille Color - White

    Safety Agency - Suitable for use in air handling spaces. Certified per: UL1480A -- Speakers for Fire Alarm and Signaling Systems; UL2043 -- Standard for Fire Test for Heat and Visible Smoke Release for Discrete Products Installed in Air-Handling Spaces; NFPA90 & NFPA70; S7232/UL Listed, Signaling Speaker.

    Dimensions - 607 x 607 x 103 mm (23.9 x 23.9 x 4.1 in)

    Net Weight - 7.1 kg (15.7 lbs)

    Shipping Weight - 8.3kg ea; 16.5 kg per pair-pack (18.3 lbs ea; 36.4 lbs per pair-pack)

    Ceiling Cutout Size - No cutout required. Speaker drops into ceiling grid (see installation drawing)

    Suspension / Safety-Seismic Attachment Points - Two tabs on back baffle, plus 4 holes in corners

    JBL Low-Profile Lay-in 2'x2' Ceiling Tile Loudspeaker and 8" Driver
    Perforated Metal Grille
    Authorized JBL Dealer Limited Warranty
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