Klipsch RP-500M Reference Premiere Bookshelf Speaker (Ebony, Pair) Cinema Stereo Sound

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Item Description:
  • 1" Titanium LTS Vented Tweeter with Hybrid Tractrix Horn
  • 5.25" Spun Copper Cerametallic Woofers
  • Bass-Reflex via Rear-Firing Tractrix port
  • Premium Scratch-Resistant Ebony and Walnut Finishes
  • Strong, Flexible Removable Magnetic Grille
  • Klipsch RP-500M Bookshelf Speaker

    If you own a home theater system, then you know it’s important to have a high quality audio solution. This can easily be accomplished with a pair of speakers like the Klipsch RP-500M Reference Premiere Bookshelf Speaker (Ebony, Pair) Cinema Stereo Sound. Thanks to the power and technology built into these speakers, you’ll receive cinema-quality stereo sound for the best home theater experience. Plus, thanks to its 1" titanium tweeter, the speaker delivers loud, crystal-clear sound and robust bass. It also features a modern design, so it will look outstanding no matter the style of your room. Once you hear the audio quality of these speakers, you’ll know they’re the perfect addition to your home entertainment system.

    The Klipsch RP-500M Bookshelf Speaker utilizes proprietary Tractrix horn-loaded technology, ensuring the high-frequency energy of the speaker is aimed at the listener, as well as reducing artificial reverb. The speakers also use a compressed molded silicon face, matted to the 90x90 Tractrix horn. This reduces horn resonance and results in a smoother frequency response. As another added benefit, the speakers are equipped with a vented tweeter design. This tweeter reduces standing waves behind the tweeter, providing a smoother high frequency reproduction. Setting the speakers up are quick and easy. They have a single 5-way screw terminal that accepts banana plugs or bare wires up to 12-gauge. Once you hear everything these speakers are capable of, you’ll know they’re the perfect speakers for the most clear, detailed, and lifelike sound possible.

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    Leveraging a 1" titanium tweeter matted to our proprietary hybrid Tractrix horn - the RP-500M bookshelf speaker delivers incredible acoustics to fill your home with loud, crystal-clear sound and robust bass that no ordinary bookshelf speaker can.

    Klipsch proprietary Tractrix horn-loaded technology ensures the high-frequency energy of the RP-500M bookshelf speaker is aimed directly at the listener and reduces unwanted, artificial reverb caused by indirect sound bouncing off walls - meaning you experience the most clear, detailed, lifelike sound possible.

    Klipsch Reference Premiere series speakers feature a compressed molded silicon face thats matted to the 90x90 Tractrix horn to reduces horn resonance for a smoother frequency response. Klipsch computer modeled phase plugs acts as a mechanical filter to further ensure a smooth, flat frequency response while protecting the tweeter from damage.

    A vented tweeter design reduces standing waves behind the tweeter diaphragm for a smoother high frequency reproduction.

    The titanium tweeter diaphragm's light weight yet rigid composition exceeds the performance of aluminum, polymer or silk tweeters.

    Klipsch award-winning Linear Travel Suspension technology leverages a piston motion of the titanium diaphragm that lowers distortion and delivers real-to-life sound.

    A ceramic magnet housing provides premium performance, Klipsch Reference Premiere tweeters set the standard in acoustic reproduction.

    Klipsch Proprietary Cerametallic woofers are the RP-500M bookshelf speaker signature statement for both sound and aesthetics. This extremely light, rigid materials holds its shape while being able to deliver lower frequencies with maximum efficiency.

    Klipsch Cerametallic cones are matted to a dual-layer, copper-wound voice coil for exceptional conductivity.

    Reference Premiere woofers are housed in a non-resonating, stamped-steel basket that’s secured to a large magnet motor for exceptional efficiency and low distortion, and matched to our horn-loaded tweeters for optimal acoustic execution.

    The rear Tractrix port is perfectly matched to the cabinet and woofers, creating ideal airflow with minimal distortion or turbulence even at the lowest frequencies.

    The RP-500M bookshelf speaker features dual input terminals so you can bi-wire or bi-amp your speakers for a custom, high-performance experience.


    The RP-500M ebony and walnut finishes boast satin painted baffles with a scratch resistant design. The cast aluminum feet provides a modern look with less resonance than MDF or ABS plastic. It is mechanically designed to minimize surface area in contact with the floor, decoupling the speaker for faster, tighter low frequencies and more detail.

    Horn loading maximizes efficiently and increases detail while focusing high frequencies towards the listening area. Proprietary Tractrix geometry provides the most efficient transfer of high frequency waves into the listening area. The phase plug and compressed molded silicon face ensure smooth frequency response. When combined, the cleanest, most natural sound possible is created. 

    The exclusive Linear Travel Suspension minimizes distortion for enhanced, detailed performance. LTS tweeters are a hallmark of previous Reference lines, making it a core component of some of the best speakers in the world.

    The new vented tweeter housing reduces standing waves that create unwanted harmonics, resulting in enhanced detail and clarity in high frequency reproduction.

    A signature feature on the Reference Premiere series, Cerametallic woofers are exceptionally rigid and lightweight for minimal distortion and maximum efficiency. When paired with the Tractrix horn-loaded LTS tweeter, it provides the highest speaker efficiency in its class.

    Single 5-way screw terminals accept banana plugs or bare wire up to 12-gauge for flexible, lasting connections while the vibrant color coding provides easy set-up and connection.

    Utilizing Tractrix geometry, the Reference Premiere ports allow for the most efficient, fastest air transfer from the cabinet, which reduces port noise for punchier low frequencies. Klipsch Tractrix ports have custom designed inner flares that help reduce air turbulence entering the port. Less turbulent air helps reduce port noise for cleaner, more powerful bass.

    Dual input terminals for bi-wiring / bi-amping capabilities. Bi-wiring separates high and low frequency current into separate speaker cables, reducing intermodulation distortion, for clearer midrange. Bi-amping allows for customization using outboard crossovers when using separate amplifiers. 

    Finishes include ebony vinyl, walnut vinyl and piano gloss. Ebony and walnut models boast satin painted baffles with a scratch resistant finish, while the premium piano gloss cabinet is hand-sanded for a clear, mirror-like finish. The mirror-life piano gloss finish is seamless due to the meticulous hand sanded and hand polished process. 

    Provides a more modern look with less resonance than MDF or ABS plastic. It is mechanically designed to minimize surface area in contact with floor, decoupling the speaker for faster, tighter low frequencies and more detail.

    Attaches magnetically for an elegant transition from powerful showstopper to discrete performance piece.

    Copper anodized trim rings, cast aluminum feet, satin painted baffles and a laser etched logo treatment give the Reference Premiere II series a modern, premium look. 


    Klipsch RP-500M Specs

    Frequency Response  48-25kHz +/- 3dB
    Sensitivity 93dB @2.83V / 1m
    Power Handling 75W / 300W
    Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms Compatible
    Crossover Frequency 1500 Hz
    High Frequency Driver 1” Titanium LTS Vented Tweeter with Hybrid Cross-Section Tractrix Horn
    Low Frequency Driver 5.25” Cerametallic Cone Woofer
    Enclosure Material MDF
    Enclosure Type Bass Reflex via Rear-Firing Tractrix Port
    Inputs Single Binding Posts
    Dimensions (HxWxD) 13.5 x 6.8 x 9.5" / 34.3 x 17.3 x 24.1 cm
    Weight 12 lb (5.4 kg)
    Klipsch RP-500M Reference Premiere Bookshelf Speaker (Ebony, Pair) Home Theater Cinema Stereo Sound
    2 Magnetic Grilles
    8 Rubber Feet
    Limited 5-Year Klipsch USA Authorized Dealer Warranty
    This Kit Includes: