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Item Description:
  • Cooking surface: 733 sq. in
  • Easy access to charcoal through the front panel door
  • Foldable side shelf and bottom shelf
  • Crank handle adjusts charcoal pan for heat control
  • Landmann Vista Barbecue Grill with Offset Smoker - Big features in a value priced charcoal grill

    Vista is perfect for backyard BBQ's with friends and family. With over 734 inches in cooking space, that can cook up to 59 burgers at a time.

    This charcoal grill features cast iron cooking grates with a heavy-duty lid. The charcoal pan adjusts to multiple heights by a crank handle so that it can produce more efficient heat. The easy to read, built-in temperature gauge makes sure you won't overcook. Its large removable ash tray covers the entire grill bottom for easy clean up.

    Product Highlights:

    High capacity cooking area with warming rack and tall hinged lid

    Worm gear adjustable charcoal pan

    Large folding side shelves and bottom storage shelf

    Charcoal pan access door and Removable ash tray

    Cool grip handles

    Wheeled cart

    Large easy to read temperature gauge

    Chimney with adjustable damper

    Product Features:

    Adjustable Charcoal Pan

    You want more control with your smoker, so we give it to you. With the adjustable charcoal pan you can control the distance between the coals and your food with ease. Satisfy everyone from those who like it rare to those who love it well done.

    Charcoal Pan Access Door and Removable Ash Tray

    With the front charcoal access door with a cool-touch handle, you safely and easily tend to your charcoal or stoke fire during grilling. Add more fuel to your fire without having to lift the lid or remove cooking grates. Access door in front is great convenience to fuel the fire and tend charcoal.

    Cool Grip Handles

    We're always thinking of your safety! The cool grip handles protect your fingers from a burning hot lid handle keeping it cool to the touch.

    Bottle Opener

    This bottle opener is a handy accessory for any backyard BBQ grill without sacrificing any style or durability. Durable construction to remove bottle caps in a single motion.

    Great Smoke Flavor

    Do you want that melt in your mouth, juicy, smoke infused dishes? Enjoy the versatility of this grill with grilled and smoked meats that are sure to please the taste buds.

    Chimney with Adjustable Damper

    This Chimney with adjustable damper is used to control temperature and ultimately has two functions:

    1. Allow the combustion gases, heat, and smoke to escape.

    2. Pull oxygen in through the intake damper. This pull, called draft, is created by hot gases rising through the chimney trying to escape.

    Two Foldable Side Shelves

    Own your food prep with large folding side and bottom storage shelves. Since a chef shouldn't miss the celebration, move the grill to the perfect location on your deck with the wheeled cart.

    Easy Clean Up. Removable Ash Tray

    Extra-large, fully enclosed sliding ash tray that allows you to clean up with a simple removal and dump. You no longer have to worry about messy charcoal collecting at the base of your firebox. Charcoal is great for flavor but terrible on mess. Don't worry! We've added an extra-large, fully enclosed sliding ash pan that allows you to clean up with a simple detach and dump.

    Offset Box

    This grill is equipped with an offset box that doubles as an offset smoker and a grill.

    We've made it esasy to clean your offset smoker box. Unlike other offset boxes, we have included a large easy access door so that you can reach the coals and the entirety of the smokebox.

    The smoke box is equipped with an easy access and easy to clean ashtray.

    About Landmann

    Landmann has been manufacturing high quality gas and charcoal grills, smokers, fire pits, log storage and fireplace grates for over 50 years. We are a worldwide organization operating on 4 continents with products sold in over 35 countries around the globe. With our heritage of German engineering, we stand for precision in all that we do - precision in design, functionality, and overall aesthetics of our products. We take great pride in developing innovative, high quality, affordable product.

    Product Specifications:

    Brand: Landmann

    Material: Steel

    Color: Black

    Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 54 x 25.5 x 47.5 inches

    Item Weight: 78.74 Pounds

    Power Source: Charcoal

    Landmann Vista Charcoal Grill with Offset Smoker
    This Kit Includes: