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Looft Lighter I Original Electric Fire Starter, 60 Second Charcoal Lighter 70018

Item # LFT70018 (Part # 70018)
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Item Description:
  • Fast, safe, and eco-friendly
  • Lights all kinds of solid fuels
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use
  • Features a bottle opener in the stand
  • Looft Lighter

    During the summer months, few things are more popular than outdoor activities like barbeques and outdoor firepits. In order for both of these activities to be successful, they both require fire. However, starting a fire can sometimes be tricky due to a number of reasons. You can start your firepit quickly, and easily, with the Looft Lighter I Original Electric Fire Starter, 60 Second Charcoal Lighter 70018. This lighter is one of the quickest, safest, and environmentally friendly lighting methods for any grill, chimney, or fireplace. It creates clean, hot air that reaches a temperature around 1100 °F (approximately 600 °C) within seconds. There’s no need for gas, flames, or lighter fluids. Whether you’re lighting charcoal, briquettes, or logs, it will reach the perfect glow for lighting in no time. As an added benefit, the lighter also includes a built-in bottle opener to enjoy some of your favorite drinks. Once you start using this fire starter, you’ll never want to go back to matches again. offers the Looft Lighter I Original Electric Fire Starter, 60 Second Charcoal Lighter 70018, and other Outdoor Fireplace Tools, at affordable prices. You can check out our website to see our full list of available tools, and other related products. We also have the knowledge and expertise to help shoppers find exactly what they’re looking for in a purchase. If you have any questions, please try calling our customer service center, and they will be happy to help with any questions you may have. If you’d like to take advantage of our great coupons, prices, and discount offers, please head over to our coupons page, and start saving today.

    Looft Lighter I

    The original Looft Lighter I is the most quick, safe and environmentally friendly method of lighting your grill or fireplace. Simply clean and hot air that reaches a temperature of 1100 °F (approximately 600 °C) within seconds - NO gas, NO flame and NO need for lighter fluids.

    The Looft Lighter I produces the perfect glow within no time - whether it be charcoal, briquettes or logs. Simply put: The Perfect Match.



    The Looft Lighter I is the fastest way to start your charcoal grill, fireplace or pizza oven. You’re fired up within 60 seconds!


    No flame, no gas, no chemicals - get in charge of the fire with nothing more than superheated air. The safety casing cools quickly within seconds after use.


    No more CO2 emissions, no more hazardous chemicals - the Looft Lighter I puts an end to the era of lighter fluids.


    Continue using the Looft Lighter I for around 3-5 minutes on your charcoal or briquettes to get it grill-ready.

    Indoor use

    Use the Looft Lighter I to fire up your wood fireplace, stove or chimney.

    All kinds of fuel

    The Looft Lighter I lights all kinds of solid fuels such as charcoal, briquettes, wood logs, pellets and others.

    Bottle opener

    The Looft Lighter I features an integrated bottle opener in the stand - always ready to use.

    Dimensions & Specs

    Effect US: 1500 W / 120 V / 13 A / 60 Hz

    Temperature: 1100 °F (approximately 600 °C)

    Product Dimensions (L x W): 17.8 x 2.6 in (45 x 6.6 cm)

    Cord length: 9.8 feet

    Weight: 2.6 lbs

    How the Looft Lighter I works

    1. Touch

    Make a pile of charcoal and touch it with the tip of the Looft Lighter I for around 10-15 seconds

    2. Pull backwards

    Pull back the Looft Lighter I a few inches when sparks or glow appear. This will help the heat to spread throughout the charcoal pile.

    3. Continue

    Continue aiming the Looft Lighter I towards the same spot for at least 60 seconds.

    Electric charcoal starter

    The original lighter starts your fire in 60 seconds

    Indoor and outdoor

    You can use your Looft Lighter I all year around. If you’re not one of those people who barbecues in the winter, bring the Looft Lighter I inside and fire up your chimney, fireplace or hearth fire, in just 60 seconds.

    Bottle opener - Fire up hydrated

    The Looft Lighter I features an integrated bottle opener in the stand - always ready to use.

    Looft Lighter I - Original
    Manufacturer 3 Year Warranty
    This Kit Includes: