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Lexen Products Healthy Juicer GP27 - Manual Wheatgrass Juicer - OPEN BOX

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f you are looking for the most effective manual wheatgrass juicer on the market, you have found it. Seriously. The Healthy Juicer Manual is rugged, efficient and best of all easy to use and clean!

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Healthy Juicer, the affordable manual wheatgrass juicer Features & Specifications The Healthy Juicer is the easiest, most efficient and most affordable manual wheatgrass juicer available Most people know about the extensive health benefits of juicing, but nobody enjoys the process of setting up the juicer and worst of all, cleaning up afterwards. The Healthy Juicer is rugged, efficient, and best of all, easy to use and clean! Designed to handle leafy greens There are two types of juicers on the market today. Centrifugal and masticating (meaning to crush and squeeze). The main benefit of a masticating juicer is that it crushes the fruits and vegetables as opposed to shredding them as your average centrifugal juicer does. This process of crushing and squeezing extracts more juice and also has less heat build up than from the high speed at which centrifugal juicers work, which destroys the enzymes and other vital nutrients. The Healthy Juicer produces a healthier juice! Have you ever tried to juice leafy vegetables such as parsley, spinach or even cabbage in a centrifugal juicer? A good portion of it is wasted and just passes through as these juicers do not have any crushing ability. Vegetables are expensive today, especially organic ones. Why throw your money away by not extracting as much juice and nutrients as possible from them?

Compact, light weight Wheatgrass Juicer - great for travel
Patented suction base is rated at over 100lbs of force. It securely attaches to any smooth surface
Includes operating instructions on using your healthy juicer (DVD is no longer included)
All parts of the juicer are made of extra tough Polycarbonate (Lexan) - non-toxic FDA approved
Manufactures Limited 1 Year Warranty
Why the Healthy Juicer for Juicing Wheatgrass?
The Healthy Juicer is designed to handle wheatgrass and leafy greens.  What do we mean exactly by leafy greens?  Spinach, Kale, Cilantro, Collard Greens, Parsley, and the like.  If we left some off the long line of greens - let's just put it this way - if it is green and has any type of leafy looking thing on it - the Healthy Juicer Manual will do it! 

This leafy green juicer is what is called a masticating juicer.  If you are unfamiliar with what 'masticating' means, it basically means to chew.  Other juicers (like the Jack LaLanne as a reference) can't juice wheatgrass or leafy greens effectively!  A masticating juicer presses instead of cutting and spinning.  Not only is a masticating juicer more effective, but it is healthier due to the fact that there is no heat build up.  The picture to the right is an actual picture of wheatgrass juiced in the Healthy Jucier versus a centrifugal juicer like the Jack LaLanne.

The Healthy Juicer is small, compact and lightweight!  This bad boy comes in at 3.5 pounds and is easily broken down to fit in your suitcase.  Perfect for camping or taking with you on the road.  Heck, even truck drivers are using the Healthy Juicer!  Seriously.  It measures 7.5" high, 8.5" long.  The handle is 8" long and the base is only 4.25" aross. 

Durable stainless steel inserts in the end cap as well as the tip of the auger are installed, to insure a long life.  Speaking of long-life, the Healthy Juicer does carry a 1-Year Warranty on all the parts. 

No metal screens to scrub.  If you have ever owned a juicer, you may remember having to scrub screens.  Well, there is no internal screen!  The only screen is a sifter screen which is removable over the juice cup.

16 Ounce Juice Cup is plenty large for juicing up enough green juice to last you a week!

Suction AND Table Clamp insures that no matter what type of table you have, you will be able to securely fasten it for use.  The suction cup holds over 100lbs of pressure.  The table clamp is made of sturdy chrome plated corrosion free stainless steel. 

Don't be mislead by it's low price!!  Honestly, we kind of feel that Lexen (the makers) are giving this away at $44.95.  We sell other manual juicers that aren't near as good as this for twice the this is a steal.


Super easy to clean
Quality and Durable
One Year Warranty
Little Pressure Needed
16 Oz Juice Cup
100 Lbs of Suction Cup Force
Patented Auger System
Durable Stainless Steel Plates

This Kit Includes: