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Monster AV700 Home Theatre PowerCenter w/ 8 Color-coded Outlets

Item # MCAV700 (Part # 120755)
Brand new, USA Warranty
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The AV700 PowerCenter safeguards your system from harmful electrical surges and spikes. Monster's SurgeGuard circuitry reacts almost instantaneously to electrical irregularities. The AV700 features 8 color-coded AC outlets, three of them spaced apart to accommodate AC adapter transformers. Monster also includes color-coded labels for the outlets and cords, so you'll always be able to make the right connection easily.


  • Color-coded, labeled outlets and matching cord labels for easy hookup.
  • 8 ft. Monster AC power cable with FlatProfile right angle plug provides flexibility for installations.
  • Eight outlets total, including three spaced for use with AC adapter transformers.
  • Maximum conductivity 24k gold contact, grounded right angle plug lets furniture hug walls.
  • Protects cable TV coax lines from surge pulses.
  • Includes one Monster Video F-Pin cable for fast and easy satellite connections.
  • $25,000 connected equipment warranty and lifetime PowerCenter product warranty.
  • 1450 Joule rating provides higher level of surge absorption.

Monster's SurgeGuard protects components from harmful surges and spikes.
Harmful power surges and voltage spikes can travel up the AC power line and damage connected equipment. Lightning, automatic garage doors, power tools, refrigerators and fluorescent lights all cause power surges and voltage spikes that affect phone lines and coax cables. Monster's Surge-Guard detects harmful power surges and voltage spikes before they reach components. This AV700 features special surge protection for coax cables used for satellite and cable TV connections. Other surge protectors Coax surge protection can result in as much as 20 to 30 dB of signal loss, which ultimately affects the output performance of coax connections. Monster's ultra-low loss RF circuitry provides virtually no signal loss to maintain peak performance.

Unless you live directly behind Hoover Dam, your AC power is most likely "polluted" by appliances sharing the same power line with your home theatre components. Electrical power tools, refrigerators, air conditioners, radio transmitters, cellular phones, microwave ovens - even your neighbor's freezer - all can generate electromagnetic interference and radio frequency noise which pollutes the AC power and degrades both audio and video performance. Plus, even your home theatre components can generate noise interference, adding more "pollution" to your AC power.

As a result, you'll hear a loss of dynamic range and resolution with a compressed soundstage and imprecise imaging. You'll see a lack of sharpness and color detail lessening the home theatre experience. And you'll never know how much of the essential drama is gone in the high performance picture and sound your system was originally designed to deliver.

Monster PowerCenters make life easier. Monster's FlatProfile plug lets you push your furniture flush against the wall. And, with color-coded outlets and cord labels, you can avoid unplugging your VCR by mistake, causing it to blink "12:00." Finally, a generous eight-foot Monster power cord, which is the optimum length to reach most electrical outlets, is included. Maximize your system's protection. Now you can get protection from harmful surges, voltage spikes and inconvenience! Monster's PowerCenters offer high performance solutions for today's technology challenges.

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