Micca Speck G2 Ultra-Portable Compact Digital Media Player 1080p Full-HD - Black

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Item Description:
  • Ultra-portable 1080p Full-HD digital media player
  • Auto Playback and Auto Looping features
  • Stores all of your media files w/ amazing playback quality
  • Perfect for travel!
  • Micca Speck G2 Ultra-Portable Compact Digital Media Player

    There are various methods of transporting and displaying files and videos. Some devices can do much more than simply store files. For example, the Micca Speck G2 Ultra-Portable Compact Digital Media Player offers automatic playback, which makes it simple to play and loop media files. Now you won’t have to manually start playback. Setup is easy too. All you’ll have to do is plug in a USB drive with at least one video, turn on the player, and the device will automatically begin playing the videos in a continuous loop until switched off.

    If the Micca Speck is paired with a portable USB drive, it makes a great storage device for your photo and video files. The video quality is excellent, almost as great as a desktop computer. This means you won’t have to waste time transferring files between different computers and devices, you can simply take your Micca Speck anywhere there is an available TV or monitor. Thanks to its small and compact design, the Micca Speck makes for an excellent travel companion. You can carry your important documents while on a business trip, or carry your favorite movies and TV shows while staying in a hotel on vacation. If you take it while on a road trip, you’ll have plenty of videos to play for your kids to keep them occupied.

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    Product Overview

    Auto Playback and Auto Looping
    The Micca Speck's automatic playback features makes it so easy to play and loop media files, you'll never have to manually start playback again. Just plug in a USB drive with one or more videos, turn the player on, and the videos will begin playing automatically and continuously in a loop until the player is turned off

    One Device to Store All Your Media Files
    The Micca Speck along with a portable USB hard drive makes an ideal storage for your media files. With playback quality as good as that of a computer, you will never need to spend time copying large files back and forth between computers. Just take the Micca Speck to wherever you may have a TV or monitor and enjoy!

    Perfect For Travel
    The Micca Speck is your perfect travel companion. Take your media files with you on a business trip and playback wherever you can find a TV or computer monitor, from showing customers a product showcase video, to catching up on missing shows in the comfort of your hotel room. Take the Micca Speck along on a road trip and you'll never run our of videos to play back to the kids

    Micca Speck Portable Digital Media Player
    IR Remote Control
    3.5mm to 3 RCA AV Out Cable
    110-240V AC Adapter

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