Sony External Flash with Quick Shift Bounce and Wireless Radio Control HVLF60RM

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Item Description:
  • Powerful flash lighting at guide number 60 (Gn60)
  • Operates as On-Camera flash, radio wireless Commander or receiver
  • Fast recycling time of 1.7 sec.2 or 0.6 sec.2 w/ optional FA-EBA1
  • Product Features

    High-output, high-speed flash with quick operation-The HVL-F60RM clip-on flash unit features high GN602 power, high-speed continuous shooting support and fast operation; ideal for advanced to professional users. Wireless radio commander/receiver functionality is included.

    GN60 power and continuous shooting support-The high GN602 output and 220 times continuous emission of this flash unit provide plenty of power for various shooting.
    Charge cycle time is 1.7 seconds, or just 0.6 seconds with the External Battery Adaptor (FA-EBA1) (optional) for continuous shooting. Proper flash synchronization is maintained during continuous shooting, minimizing flash misfires and ruined shots.

    Quick Shift Bounce allows use of the lighting features from horizontal to vertical-Quick Shift Bounce is Sony's original flash-head rotating mechanism, with the main unit tiltable from horizontal to vertical, allowing fast flash position changes. (90 degrees left and right, 150 degrees up/8 degrees down)

    Direct output adjustment-An independent light output level button (LEVEL -/+ button) allows direct control of output or compensation for efficient workflow. Paired wireless flashes can also be easily adjusted via a LCD panel.

    Reliable multi-flash radio control-In addition to optical remote triggering, wireless radio triggering is supported. Wireless radio communication works reliably at distances of up to 98.43 feet and even around obstacles or in bright conditions. A total of 15 flash units can be assigned to up to 5 groups

    Stable wireless radio communication-Conventional optical triggering and wireless radio triggering cover a wide range of situations. A HVL-F60RM mounted on a compatible camera can be paired with off-camera units to provide reliable communication over long distances in conditions that would make optical communication difficult. Slow sync, rear-curtain sync and multi flash are supported.

    Multi-flash radio control-Up to 15 flash units can be assigned to up to 5 groups for wireless flash control at distances of up to 98.43 feet. Optional Wireless Radio Commander (FA-WRC1M) and Wireless Radio Receiver (FA-WRR1) units allow the HVL-F60RM to be used with Sony flash units that do not have built-in radio wireless capability, as well as the radio-capable HVL-F45RM.


    Product Specifications

    • Flash

      • Guide No.: 60 (Flash coverage setting 200mm/STD flash distribution,ISO100·m)
      • Recycling time: 0.1-2.5 seconds(Alkaline battery)/0.1-1.7 seconds (Ni-MH battery)  The recycle time is the fastest time from when the flash is emitted until the TEST button lights up.(Sony test conditions)
      • Flash Coverage: AUTO/MANUAL(20mm-200mm)Angle of view at 14mm focal length is also covered with the wide panel
      • Flash Modes: TTL / Manual / Multi
      • Flash compensation: Yes * *Depending on the camera,this function is not available.For details,see product information page.
      • Type: Auto electronic flash (clip-on type) with pre-flash metering
      • Number of Flashes: More than 150 times(Alkaline battery)/More than 220 times(Ni-MH battery) *The number of flashes is the number of times that maximum light output can be emitted once in 30 sec.(Sony test conditions) Continuous flash performance: 40 flashes at 10 flashes per second * *Normal flash, power level 1/32, 105mm, Ni-MH battery.

      Focus system

      • AF illuminator: Yes * *Depending on the camera,this function is not available.For details,see product information page.
      • AF illuminator range: 0.5-3m */0.5-10m **
      • AF illuminator range: *While a 50mm lens with the aperture set at F5.6 is attached and [AF LED LEVEL] of the flash unit is specified as [LOW].
      • AF illuminator range: **While a 50mm lens with the aperture set at F5.6 is attached and [AF LED LEVEL] of the flash unit is specified as [HIGH].

      Other Features

      • Other Features: Radio control wireless function: Radio control wireless flash: Yes(commander/receiver)* Frequencies: 2.4 GHz band Channels: 14 Channels(Auto/manual) Communication distance (Approx.): 30m** Groups: 3 groups (TTL/MANUAL),5 groups(group flash photography) Maximum Flash units: 15 units Lighting ratio control: 3 groups(TTL) *Requires Radio Control Wireless Flash(sold separately) or Wireless Radio Receiver FA-WRR1(sold separately) or Wireless Radio Commander FA-WRC1M(sold separately). **SONY test conditions
      • Other Features: Optical control wireless function: Optical control wireless flash: Yes(controller/remote) Channels: 4 Channels Communication distance (Approx.): 5m* Groups: 3 groups Lighting ratio control: 3 groups(TTL) *SONY test conditions
      • Other Features: LED light function: Center luminance intensity (Approx.): 1200 lx(0.5m)/300 lx(1m) Lighting distance (Approx.): 2 m (when recording movies, set to ISO 3200 & F5.6) Focal length supported: 35mm (35mm-format angle of view) Continuous lighting time (Approx.): 1hour (with Sony AA-size alkaline battery) Color temperature (Approx.): 5500K Power Level switching: 15 steps
      • Other Features: Auto zoom control optimized for image sensor size: Yes* Flash distribution setting: Yes Auto WB adjustment: Yes* Custom key settings: Yes Memory settings: Yes Remote release: Yes * Except DSLR-A100.
      • Other Features: Sync terminal: Yes(IN/OUT) Multi/Micro USB terminal: Yes


      • Power Source: Four AA-size alkaline or Ni-MH batteries


    Flash Specifications


    • Bounce angle: Up 150deg (0deg/ 30deg/ 45deg/ 60deg/ 75deg/ 90deg/ 120deg/ 150deg) Down 8deg Left and right 90deg (0deg/ 30deg/ 45deg/ 60deg/ 90deg)
    • Shoe Type: Multi Interface Shoe.
    • Flash control: Flash control using pre-flash (P-TTL/ADI)


    Basic Specs

    • Color: Black
    • Dimension (Approx.): 3 1/8 × 5 1/2 × 4 1/8 inches (78. x 139.5 x 104.6 mm) (WxHxD)
    • Material: PC+ABS
    • Operating Temperature: 32°F to 104°F (0? to +40? )
    • Storage Temperature: -4°F to 140°F (-20? to 60?)
    • Weight (Approx.): 15.9 oz (449 g) (only main unit)


    Connector protect cap
    Bounce adapter
    Color filter (amber)
    Color filter (green)
    Carrying pouch
    Manufacturer USA warranty
    This Kit Includes: