Complete HDTV Essentials Bundle (Cables, Power, Warranty Extention, Flat Mount, Plus...)

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This HDTV Essentials Bundle includes the necessary cables to get the most out of your Audio/Video equipment. Most components don't include all the cables you need, and when cables are included, they're always low-quality. This bundle includes the cables necessary to get multi-channel or stereo audio and high-definition video on your TV from your Cable set top box, Satellite receiver, DVD player or other components.

This bundle includes a power center that has surge protection and line conditioning necessary to ensure the longevity of your investment. Also included is a television warranty extension that provides you with three (3) years of additional coverage (In-home service!) after the manufacturer's warranty expires, offering you peace of mind for those unexpected malfunctions and costly repairs.

Eventually planning on mounting your flat panel TV to the wall? This bundle includes the best compatible flat wall mount for your TV. Plus, you'll get the best TV cleaning kit available out there, and the Monster ISF High-definition TV calibration Wizard to get the best performance from your TV.

Kit Includes:

  • (x2) HDMI Audio/Video Cable for HDTV 6 Feet (1.8m)
    HDMI is a multi-pin connection used for passing standard- and high-definition digital video signals, as well as multi-channel digital audio, through a single cable. HDMI connections are often found on newer high-definition cable boxes and satellite receivers, and a growing number of DVD players, High-defintiion televisions, and home theater receivers. HDMI cable can transmit up to 5 Gbps bandwidth, so it can transfer pure digital video and audio signals, simultaneously without compression, delivering the highest-quality HDTV picture and sound.
  • Component Video Cable for HDTV 6 Feet (1.8m)
    Component video is the highest resolution connection between the component, S-Video, and composite mix. Component splits the video signal into three separate channels of video information for improved picture quality. This 3-cable connection allows the chrominance (color) and luminance (brightness) portions of a video signal to be processed separately. Component Video Cables provide more color detail than S-Video, and will carry high-definition video signals. Component video inputs/outputs are available on most HDTV tuners and DVD players, A/V receivers and growing number of TVs.
  • Stereo Audio Interconnect RCA to RCA 6 Feet (1.8m)
    Interconnects with RCA-type connectors are for audio hookup of 2-channel analog home theater or stereo components like TVs, receivers, and DVD Players. Using a TV's direct A/V inputs to connect a DVD player, VCR, camcorder or other video component provides improved picture and sound quality compared to using the coaxial RF antenna-style input.
  • AV Home Theater Power Protection (10 outlets)
    The PowerCenter safeguards your system from harmful electrical surges and spikes. I'ts circuitry reacts almost instantaneously to electrical irregularities and filters your AC power to reduce interference generated by appliances and cell phones (EMI and RFI) so your TV, DVD player, cable box or satellite receiver, and other components can perform as they should and give you the best possible picture and sound!
  • On Site Three Year Extended Warranty
    Protect Your Investment! The Mack Extended Warranty provides you with three (3) years of additional coverage (In-home!!) after the manufacturer's warranty expires, offering you peace of mind for those unexpected malfunctions and costly repairs.
  • Peerless Flat Wall Mount
    Mount your flat panel TV close up against the wall with Peerless' Flat Wall Mount. Perfect for discreet installation (mounts only 1.2" from the wall) in the living room, home theater room or bedroom, the screen simply hooks onto the wall plate and is safely secured in place with a locking mechanism.
  • Monster TV Cleaning Kit (The best solution available)
    If you're like most home theatre enthusiasts and multimedia users, you want the best possible performance from your equipment. This powerful and advanced cleaning solution formula, removes dust, dirt, and oily fingerprints for ultimate clarity, without dripping, streaking, or staining like ordinary cleaners. 
  • Monster ISF HDTV Calibration Wizard DVD
    The Monster/ISF HDTV Calibration Wizard DVD is the fastest and easiest way to bring out the best in your HDTV. In series of easy, step-by-step video tutorials you'll learn how to optimize your TV's display levels for maximum HDTV performance, so you always get the richest blacks, most natural color and absolute sharpest picture from your HDTV. 
This Kit Includes: