Vernier Software Go! Temperature Sensor

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Go! Temp temperature sensor is easy to use technology to teach science concepts with Go!Temp. Just plug Go!Temp into your Windows or Macintosh computer, start the free Logger Lite software, and click "Collect" to see the temperature graph plotted in real time! Every Go!Temp includes a FREE copy of Logger Lite to get you started quickly and easily. Excited? Save school funds with our Go!Temp Teacher packs, which include 8 Go!Temp sensors and a FREE copy of Logger Lite! Go!Temp comes bundled with our Logger Lite data-collection software so you can see data graphed in real time, examine data point-by-point, annotate different experiment runs, and more! Want to synchronize boiling water temperature data with video? You'll want Logger Pro. We have ten fun activities for the Go!Temp in our Let's Go! Investigating Temperature lab book! We've also made two of them available as a free download. Are We Cool or What?, Why Do We Need Thermometers?, Celsius or Fahrenheit. What's the Difference?, Getting it Just Right!, Go!Temp Spends the Night, Hold Everything! Comparing Insulators, Keepin' it Cool! Design Your Own Thermos, I'm Melting! Water Changes States, Solid, Liquid, Gas: Water Can Do it All!, Cool Reaction! The Reaction of Baking Soda and Vinegar.
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