Wacom Cintiq 22HD Touch Pen Display Certified Refurbished

Item # WCDTH2200 (Part # DTH2200RB)
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Item Description:
Backed by One Year Wacom Warranty

With unparalleled technology and creativity, the Wacom Cintiq 22HD Touch Pen Display offers a creative experience like no other imaging item on the market. Combining age-old artistic finishes with state of the art technological advances, the Cintiq 22 HD Touch Pen allows the opportunity to manipulate art like never before. The system lets individuals customize a digitally captured picture by styling it using the touch pen display and Cintiq editing software. The Wacom Cintiq, which includes an HD touch pen display and a pressure sensitive pen, is a true artistic development for your Mac or PC.

Innovative HD Touch Pen Display Offers Optimal Picture Viewing and Enhancement
One of the most unique features and also the central premise of the Cintiq is the mechanism?s HD touch pen display. With a 21.5" HD display space, the Cintiq has plenty of room for manipulating and enhancing any picture. Plus, with its enhanced sensitivity, the display space is easy to maneuver. Zooming in and out, retouching picture characteristics, and adding individualized artistic touches have never been easier. The Cintiq?s display can even be viewed in landscape or portrait settings to facilitate even better picture enhancement.

Unique Pressure Sensitive Pen Allows Variation on Even the Finest Details
The pressure sensitive pen is another one of the inventive features of the Wacom Cintiq. With the exclusive ability to recognize over 2,000 different levels of pen pressure, the Cintiq fosters the creation of unique artistic creations. The Wacom Grip Pen, the utensil used to retouch and enhance photos using the Cintiq system, allows individuals to create different exposures, brush sizes and line weights by changing the pressure and angle of the pen. With its professional grade tip, the Wacom pen can detect and respond to even the most delicate gradations of pressure. The pen also includes customizable, programmable buttons that add functions to the pen itself.

Mac and PC Compatible for Effective Functioning
To offer the most accessibility in terms of user friendliness as well as operator preference, Cintiq is Mac and PC compatible. Designed to work on a variety of levels, the Wacom connects to and operates flawlessly with any computer?s configurations. Ease of access and compatibility are two fundamental characteristics of the Wacom Cintiq system.

Precision, control, expression and functionality are all key components of the Wacom Cintiq 22HD Touch Pen Display. This dynamic system offers individuals the most advanced system for creating custom expressions of art and photography. With its dynamic HD display, advanced pen sensitivity, interface compatibility, touch strips and toggle buttons, customizable pen and ergonomic adjustable work space, the Cintiq is a tool that every creative individual needs.


Active Area 
18.9" W x 10.7" H (475 x 267mm)


Mac or PC

Data Port  

Display Connector  

Physical Size  
25.6" W x 15.7" H x 2.7" D (650 x 400 x 67.5mm)

Pressure Levels  
2048 on pen tip and eraser

Stand Adjustability  
10 degrees to 65 degrees incline

2 years (USA/Canada)

8.4KG (with stand) (6.7kg without stand)

Cintiq 22hd Interactive Pen Display
Grip Pen
Pen Stand
Display Stand
Five Replacement Pen Nibs
DVI-I to VGA cable adapter
DVI-I to DVI-D cable adapter
AC Power Adapter
Power Cable
Rotation Lock Screws (4)
Bearing hub recess cover plate and screws
Quick Start Guide and User Manual
Installation CD (includes driver software and electronic manual)
Application DVD
1 Year Wacom Refurbished Warranty
This Kit Includes: