Zero Technologies 8-Cup Stainless Steel Filtration Pitcher - ZS-008

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Item Description:
  • Only Filter Pitcher Certified by NSF to Reduce both Lead and Chromium
  • 5-Stage Filtration removes 99.6% of Dissolved Solids
  • BPA Free
  • ZeroWater 8-Cup Stainless Steel Water Filtration Pitcher

    Now the latest filter pitcher technology comes in a sleek design. This 8-Cup Stainless Steel Pitcher implements ZeroWater's five-stage filtration system to remove virtually all dissolved solids from your tap water and deliver you great-tasting water in just minutes.

    The pitcher comes with one Ion Exchange filter; a laboratory-grade testing meter; and a guarantee to remove virtually all dissolved solids from your drinking water.

    Patented 5-Stage Dual-Ion Exchange Filtration System

    Unlike conventional gravity-fed or carbon water filters that remove only certain substances from your water; ZeroWater's patented 5-stage Ion Exchange System delivers the only filtered water to measure 000 PPM (parts per million) on the TDS meter. Compare that to the levels you'll find in other filtered waters; most bottled waters and plain unfiltered tap water; all of which contain measureable amounts of dissolved solids. TDS meter readings for tap water in the US average between 190 and 200 PPM. Conventional filtered water measures between 030-500 PPM; and bottled water between 000-350 PPM.

    Battery-Powered TDS Meter Makes it Easy to Test Your Water

    The beauty of the ZeroWater Pitcher is that you don't have to accept purity claims at face value. Test your water yourself with the included meter and watch as the zeros come together to ensure that you're getting the best-tasting water possible. Powered by two easy-to-replace 1.5-volt button cell batteries (included); this meter also lets you know the status of your filter. For instance; if your meter reads '006'; it's time to replace the filter.

    Fishy smell

    Most customers do not notice an odor from their filter; so if you do notice an odor; it's likely that the general make up of your water is different than most. When the filter is used up; this can cause the smell. It is very important that you regularly test your water to be sure it reads 000 to prevent this in the future.

    Filter life

    Filter life greatly depends on the TDS reading of your tap water. The lower the TDS; the longer the filters will last. You need to test your water to know for yourself.

    About Zero Technologies LLC

    Zero Technologies; LLC developed the ZeroWater Filtration System with the mission of delivering the best filtration possible to consumers through its patented 5-stage ion exchange filter; which removes virtually all total dissolved solids (TDS). No other filter pitcher or dispenser can make this claim. By removing virtually all TDS; ZeroWater is the only gravity-fed filtration system to match the TDS levels found in Purified Bottled Water. To date; the breakthrough ZeroWater filter has received certifications by NSF International for the removal of copper; iron; zinc; aluminum; lead; chromium; mercury; chlorine and hydrogen sulfide. In addition; Good Housekeeping Research Institute findings reveal that ZeroWater filters remove more pharmaceuticals and chemicals than Brita and PUR.

    Product Features

    • 8-cup reservoir
    • Water filter assembly; specifically designed to pass water through the filter instead of around the filter
    • Sleek; stylish; brushed stainless steel design
    • BPA free
    • Convenient; space-saving shape
    • 5-Stage Filtration removes 99.6% of dissolved solids: reduces lead; chromium; and mercury
    • Ion-Exchange system that removes virtually all dissolved solids in your water
    • The FDA requires the TDS level in PURIFIED bottled water to reach 000-010ppm ZeroWater is the only water filter in its class to achieve this level


    • Color: Silver/Black
    • Dimensions: 6.25 x 11.38 x 11.31 in
    • Weight: 3.5 lbs.
    • Material: Stainless Steel
    • Capacity: 8-cup
    8-cup pitcher
    TDS (total dissolved solids) meter that provides a digital measurement of dissolved solids in your water (up to $17.99 retail value)
    ZeroWater Ion Exchange water filter
    User Manual
    Coupons for future filter purchases
    This Kit Includes: