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DJI Mavic Pro Quadcopter Drone with 4K Camera and Wi-Fi
Offers up to 4.3 miles (7km) of transmission range Fly at up to 40mph (64kmh) or for as long as 27-minutes True 4K, fully stabilized ensures smooth footage Fly by Phone over Wi-Fi for even easier flight
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DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter Drone - CPT.PT.000312
"The sexiest drone that DJI ever designed, welcome to the era of VISION" -DJI Visionary Intelligence. Elevated Imagination Powerful Camera Designed for the Sky Avoid obstacles and track moving subjects automatically
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DJI SPARK Fly More Drone Combo Alpine White - CP.PT.000899
Intelligent Flight Modes - Smart, reliable, and incredibly intuitive - QuickShot - Videos with a Tap High-Performance Camera - Amazing images and stabilized video - Mechanical Gimbal Stabilization - Shake-Free Shots
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DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter with 2 Transmitters And Free Hard Case
DJIs most advanced technology comes together in the Inspire 1, an easy to use, all-in-one flying platform that empowers you to create the unforgettable. Never before has such power been put into a ready-to-fly system that anyone can fly
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DJI Inspire 1 Pro Black Edition Quadcopter with 4K Camera
The DJI Inspire 1 Pro Black Edition takes the bright, white shell and remote control of the Inspire 1 and transforms them into black. This look adds style and gravitas to the already head turning Inspire 1 and allows it to fit in neatly on a film set.
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DJI CP.ZM.000341 Base for OSMO
The DJI Base for Osmo is used to fix the Osmo on tables or other level surfaces so that it remains stable without tipping over.
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DJI Osmo Part 7 Intelligent Battery (Part 54)
DJI Part 7 Intelligent Battery - DJI 6-Month Limited Warranty with Charge Cycle Less than 400 Times Type: Lithium-polymer (LiPo) Capacity: 980 mAh Energy: 10.8 Wh Voltage: 11.1V Osmo Part 54
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DJI Osmo Part 9 Intelligent Battery Charger
Charges Osmo Intelligent Battery Accepts 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz Power AC Power Cord (North American)
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DJI Mavic 3830 mAh Intelligent Flight Battery (Platinum) - CP.PT.00000077.01
(3,830mAh/11.4V) Built-in sensors Bright LEDs tell you the status and remaining power of your battery
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DJI 9450 Self-Tightening Propeller Set for Phantom 3
9450 Self-tightening Propellers (with a composite hub) Can be used with Phantom 3/Phantom 2 series or Flame Wheel series platforms Can be used with E310/E305/E300 tuned propulsion systems.
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DJI Phantom 4 Advanced Plus Quadcopter Drone CP.PT.000698
20MP 1-inch Image Sensor 4K 60 fps Mechanical Shutter Dual Coding 4.3mi (7km) Long-range Control 30-minute Flight Time
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DJI Phantom Series Propeller Guards (Set of 4) For DJI Phantom 4 Drones
Protect your propellers from damage during collisions. Tough and highly reliable, this set includes four pieces of Phantom 4 Propeller Guards. Fully compatible with the Phantom 4 series.
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DJI Part 44 FM-15 Flexi Microphone for Osmo Gimbal Camera
The FM-15 Flexi Microphone can be plugged into the Osmo's external microphone input. The microphone is omnidirectional and comes with a flexible stem.
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DJI Phantom 4 Advanced Quadcopter Drone CP.PT.000689
20MP 1-inch Image Sensor 4K 60 fps Mechanical Shutter Dual Coding 4.3mi (7km) Long-range Control 30-minute Flight Time
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DJI Phantom 4 PRO+ Plus Quadcopter Drone with Deluxe Controller - Obsidian Edition
VISIONARY INTELLIGENCE. ELEVATED IMAGINATION. An uprated camera is equipped with a 1-inch 20-megapixel sensor capable of shooting 4K/60fps video and Burst Mode stills at 14 fps.
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DJI Mavic Air Quadcopter Drone - Arctic White Fly More Combo
The ultraportable Mavic Air features high-end flight performance and functionality for limitless exploration. 32 MP Sphere Panoramas Foldable & Portable 3-Axis Gimbal & 4K Camera
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DJI drones aren’t just cool to have; they come with a host of features that make them fun, functional must-haves. Even the remote controls on individual models offer features such as LiPo batteries, LED indicators, trainer ports and throttle locking capabilities. From high-powered motors and propellers to top quality design, DJI drones provide top notch control and thrust.
With the choice of items in this range from, you can shoot fully stabilized video from the sky right away. The integrated GPS auto-pilot systems offer position holding, stable hovering, and altitude lock which means you can focus your attention on the important part – the shooting.
DJI drones come with high-performance Lithium Polymer batteries that give you up to 25 minutes of flight time. There are maintenance reminders and discharge/overcharge protection that all make for a reliable and safe battery.
This manufacturer’s products offer various features depending on the product. Now you can shoot up to 4K video and 12-megapixel photos with extreme clarity. The cameras provide a real-time feed that you can view on your mobile device thanks to Lightbridge Technology that transmits video from 2km away.
For greater precision, grab a second remote controller and fly with someone else. When two operators control the same gadget, one can pilot the flight path and the other can aim the camera and gimbal. Each user can use their screen to see what’s being shot in real-time. You get to have the power at your fingertips when you control the camera and change the flight settings all from a mobile device.
Once you’ve placed your order we will process it within 1 to 2 days and ship it off at no extra cost in the U.S. If you’re unhappy with your purchase; we offer a return policy and full refund depending on certain terms and conditions.
What more could you ask for? We offer a top quality brand at affordable prices along with a range of accessories and branded electronics. If you are unsure of which item to order, have a talk to our customer service center who will help you decide on the right product for your needs and budget.
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