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Nest S3006WBUS Protect Smoke and CO Alarm, Battery, 3-Pack - White
Easy to install. Tells you what and where, get alerts directly on your phone. Split-Spectrum Sensor detects fast and slow burning fires. Lasts up to 10 years. 3-Pack
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Nest Detect | Sensor That Looks Out for Doors, Windows, and Rooms
Detects when a door or window opens and closes Detects motion when placed on a door or in a room Easy to install using Nest app
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Nest Tag - White (H13000ES)
Tag in and out on Nest Guard. Put one on your keychain. Set a schedule to let people in at certain times. Water resistant and drop-proof. Requires Nest Secure System Starter Pack.
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Samsung SmartThings ADT Home Security Starter Kit - (F-ADT-STR-KT-1)
Fast-Response security from ADT Easy-to-install wireless detectors and alarms 24/7 professional monitoring services(optional) Works with a wide range of smart devices
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Dorcy 41-1075 Wireless Motion Sensing LED Anywhere Light with Automatic Shut-Off, 15-L
The LED Wireless Motion Sensor Lights use new LED technology to provide a safe bright light anywhere you need it without connecting any wires.
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Simple Home Wi-Fi Multi Pack: Motion Sensor w/ Message Alerts & Energy Monitor Wall Plug
Monitor movement inside your home and be alerted, Detects motion up to 15 feet away, Can trigger other Simple Home products power with detection, Charge 2 USB devices, Monitor the amount of energy being used, Remotely control devices via app, Wi-Fi
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Samsung SmartThings Water Leak Sensor
Get an alert on your smartphone at the first sign of excess water. Trigger a light or siren to alert you if water is detected where it doesn't belong. Place sensor beside the sump pump in your basement to be notified if the sump pump fails.
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Nest Secure Alarm System Starter Pack - H1500ES
Easy ways to arm and disarm. No stressful countdowns, loud beeps, or rushing out the door. Works with Google Assistant Includes Nest Guard, Nest Detect, Nest Tag, and Nest App
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Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor - (F-IRM-US-2)
Connects to SmartThings Hub to automate and monitor your home. Receive an alert if there's unexpected movement, or if children access dangerous areas. Set connected lights to turn on/off automatically.
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Samsung SmartThings ADT Smoke Alarm - (F-ADT-SMK-1)
Know when there's smoke or extreme temperatures Recieve alerts on smartphone when smoke is detected Initiate optional ADT professional monitoring service
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Samsung SmartThings ADT Home Safety Expansion Pack - (F-ADT-FR-EXP-1)
Smoke, carbon monoxide, and water leak protection Fast repsones security from ADT Easy to install wireless detectors and alarms Works with a wide range of smart devices
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Samsung SmartThings Connect Home AC2600 Smart Wi-Fi System (Single) - ET-WV530B
Corner to corner Wi-Fi coverage for homes up to 1,500 sq ft. Up to 1733 Mbps @ 5 GHz + 800 Mbps @2.4 GHz Easily connects compatible cameras, lights, voice assistants and more. Simple and secure, one app controls it all.
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Honeywell RWD42/A Defense Water Leak Alarm with Sensing Cable, RWD42
Detect water with sensors on the unit and with the included 5 ft. Water sensing cable which senses water on the entire length of the cable
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Honeywell Wireless Motion Detector in White - RCA902N1004/N
Honeywell Wireless Motion Detector is compatible with Premium Portable & Wireless D?cor chimes. Features include: It alerts you when someone approaches your home; For use with wireless decor and premium portable door chimes; It is designed for outdoor
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