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GN.58 High-Intensity Flash High-Speed Sequential Shooting Dust and Splash-proof Design Advanced Wireless Controls 100 LUX LED Video Light/Focus Assist Lamp 24-200mm Angle of Coverage 14-20mm With the Built-In Wide Panel
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Best Camera Flashes

If you’ve attempted taking photos in darker rooms, then you’ll know it can be difficult to get the results you desire. Thankfully, you can equip your camera with camera flashes to make these photos much easier to capture. It doesn’t matter if you own a Sony, Canon, or Nikon camera, you can equip a flash to it, and take photos in any poorly lit scenario. Having the proper flash means you won’t have to turn up your ISO, or sacrifice photo quality with blurry shots. Some flashes even have an Optical Receiver Mode, so you can trigger the flash while it’s off-camera. Once you equip your camera with a flash, you’ll be able to take better photos and videos, no matter the lighting.

Best Canon Camera Flashes

There are many excellent camera flashes available. If you’re looking for one of the best Canon camera flashes available, then you should check out the Canon Speedlite 470EX-AI AI Flash with Artificial Intelligence Bounce Function. To take better photos it detects, selects, swivels, and maintains the ideal bounce flash angle and settings. It also has a Maximum Guide Number of 47 (154 ft./47m) at 100 ISO. When your photo taking needs to be discreet, it utilizes an infrared beam, ensuring sharper focus by emitting an infrared beam toward your subject.

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