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Bedside lamp/night light Adjustable display brightness Your choice of 7 soothing sounds Naturally wakes you up by a gentle colored light
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Integrated AM/FM Radio Tuner Built-In Carrying Handle For Increased Portability Dedicated Headphone Socket For Personal Listening Powered By 3x AA batteries Portable Design
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Digital Radios, Two Way Radios, and Clock Radios

Whether you want to listen to good music, set an alarm, or get weather and emergency updates, the wide selection of radios offered at provides everything you need to stay organized and alert.

When bad weather is in the forecast, staying in the know is the top priority when ensuring your safety and wellbeing. You can’t be prepared if you don’t know what’s ahead of you. Weather radios are the perfect companion for stormy days and nights. After all, when the power fails, and you can’t rely on the TV weatherman, where do you turn? By having one of these weather transmitters during an emergency situation, you will know if you have to head to the basement or evacuate your home to stay safe.

The Midland Portable Emergency Weather Radio with SAME (Black) - HH54VP2 is the perfect solution to keeping safe in emergency situations. Not only will it alert you of tornados and other bad weather heading your way, but it also notifies you in the case of an amber alert, nuclear power plant warning, biological hazard warning, civil emergencies, fire warnings, and landslide warnings. Additionally, it can act as an alarm clock, perfect for those not-so-dangerous stormy nights that also result in a power outage.

For times when you just want to listen to your favorite music, the Sony ICF-CS15IPBLK Speaker Dock for iPod and iPhone is the perfect digital radio. This device allows you to play all of your favorite songs from your iTunes library, or from internet stations such as Pandora or Spotify. You can relax and enjoy a nice evening at home with this handy gadget. The docking system also comes with a backup battery, so you can keep your music playing and keep an eye on the time, even if the power goes out. No iPhone? No problem. The audio jack lets you easily connect other audio sources to play through the speakers.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy your favorite music, or stay on top of emergency alerts, we have all of the digital radios and accessories you need to enjoy your evening and stay safe.